Zero gravity position bed and mattress

Adjustable Beds with Zero Gravity Position

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Like all trends, sleeping fads come and go. But when something offers full body benefits, it’s hard to ignore. That’s how we feel about the zero gravity sleep position. The benefits are undeniable and people everywhere report having an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. And we all know how important it is on our overall physical, mental and emotional health to achieve quality sleep.

#AstronautGoals – or almost.

Before we get into the full list of benefits, you might be wondering exactly what the zero gravity sleep position is. Does it immediately make you think of astronauts in space?

To picture what the zero gravity sleep position is, picture astronauts in a rocket ship during take off. You can probably see it, they are half sitting, half laying on their backs with their knees and shoulders elevated.

Astronauts sit/lay in this position during take off because gravity is evenly distributed throughout the body. That is part of the reason it is great for falling asleep — because the joints are not under intense amounts of pressure from the effects of gravity and the body is able to fully relax, making it easier to fall asleep.

Zero Gravity Sleep Does a Body Good

The zero gravity sleep position can also help with the following:

Relief from heartburn and acid reflux.

For those prone to heartburn and acid reflux, sleeping on the back can be difficult. In the zero gravity sleep position, the head is elevated above the stomach so that acid reflux becomes less of a problem.

Swelling and inflammation.

If you work on your feet, have poor circulation, or are pregnant, you might notice that your ankles are swollen and your feet are sore after a long day. The zero gravity bed position is excellent to help reduce swollen feet and ankles since the body’s circulation is under less pressure.

Snoring Prevention.

Do you “saw logs”? Or maybe your partner does, and it keeps you awake or wakes you up throughout the night. Snoring is caused by narrowed nasal and throat passageways, and the sound increases when we sleep on our backs or completely horizontally. The zero gravity bed position raises your head so that more air can pass through the narrow canals. If you have lived with snoring, this will be a huge relief.

Digestion Function.

Poor digestion is the source of a lot of problems and can have a domino effect on our overall health. When the upper body is raised and we are on our backs, our digestive tract is able to function more optimally.

Out of this world restful sleep

In order to achieve the zero gravity sleep position, you will need an adjustable bed frame, and we highly recommend a high quality latex mattress like the Pure Energy Ironman mattress to increase the benefits of this position.

While an adjustable bed frame is an investment, it is an investment in more than just a piece of furniture. Our quality of sleep is so important — it allows us to live longer, healthier lives — and if we can do something small to make large improvements, it seems like a no brainer.