Why You Should Buy An Adjustable Bed Frame Your Ironman Mattress

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In case it wasn’t clear, we are extremely passionate about health and wellness. And while diet and exercise are most commonly associated with a healthy lifestyle, a complete picture of health includes getting proper rest.

Achieving good sleep health isn’t just about quantity. In other words, you can be getting eight hours of sleep each night but still wake up and feel unrested—physically sore, or mentally unwell. That’s because the quality of sleep is not what it should be.

Quality sleep means that a person is achieving the deepest cycle of sleep, or the fourth stage of REM sleep. This stage is necessary for the proper functioning of a person’s brain and body. But it can be hard to achieve if you are uncomfortable in your bed, your mattress isn’t the right firmness, or a host of other reasons. While people suffer night after night, there are actually some reasonably easy solutions out there.

This why more people are turning to adjustable bed frames. They simply give people more options to be comfortable while they sleep, thereby achieving good, quality rest each and every night.

Adjustable bed frames plus an Ironman Mattress is an unbeatable combination. Ironman Mattresses are designed to relieve pressure points and help heal the body. They are made of high quality latex that helps regulate the body’s temperature. When paired with the versatility that an adjustable bed frame provides, a person is well on their way to getting their best possible sleep.

We are excited to see that people are exploring adjustable bed frames for their homes. Often they are are associated with nursing homes and hospitals, which makes sense. There is a reason that adjustable bed frames are used to help sick and elderly people, they are a great solution for sore bodies and for people who need quality rest (which is everybody, but especially sick and elderly).

You don’t have to be sick or elderly to see the benefits of an adjustable bed frame. By simply pressing a button, you can elevate the upper or lower half of your body, or both, depending on your needs. And you can do all this without disturbing your partner. Sure, you can try to pile up some pillows to prop up your legs or shoulders, but we all know that’s not a lasting solution.

Adjustable beds are gaining traction because they are an excellent solution to a number of sleep ailments, including aches and pains in the spine, joints and muscles, arthritis, snoring, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and so on. Each one of these conditions has a compounding effect on a person’s overall health. A lack of quality sleep has a domino effect on physical, mental and emotional health.

So maybe it’s time you take your sleep, and your health, into your own hands. If you need a sleep that is high in both quality and quantity, consider pairing an Ironman Mattress with an adjustable bed frame.