Where To Buy An Ironman Mattress

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Like many great things, the legacy of IRONMAN started with a debate. Forty years ago, a group of athletes were at the Oahu Perimeter Relay (a race where teams of seven athletes run 134 miles counter clock-wise around the perimeter of the Hawaiian island, Oahu). Each side was making a case for which type of athlete was the most fit — swimmers, runners or other athletes. The only way to settle it? To have a race!

Since then, athletes from around the globe have relentlessly trained to try and win the world’s most prestigious race that includes a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 miles bike ride, and 26.2 mile run.

And IRONMAN has become a renowned sports brand that researches and creates products that are used by both elite athletes and everyday people. This includes the official Pure Energy Mattresses, which are designed by Recovery Systems International and created by a global network of high quality manufacturers.

These mattresses that help both athletes and non-athletes get the best possible night’s sleep using breakthrough technology and premium latex to create the most advanced mattresses on the market.

People around the world now seek out these incredible products. Exclusive carriers of this sleep technology are the stores that are dedicated to high quality and impeccable customer service.

M&N Mattress Store in Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia has proven itself to be one such store. It won a Torch Award in 2015 because of its demonstrated commitment to ethical decision making, trustworthiness and community engagement.

WR Mattress Gallery serves the White Rock and South Surrey areas and are also a proud supplier of IRONMAN Pure Energy mattresses. Their beautiful showroom showcases the best and most innovative mattresses on the market. They are dedicated to helping their customers achieve sleep health and the staff are excellent at what they do.

These are just a couple of locations you can purchase an IRONMAN Pure Energy mattress, other purchase locations are available across North America.

As you can see, we don’t take sleep lightly! We believe that sleep is an extremely important part of maintaining fitness and health. Not everyone wants to be an elite athlete, but everyone does deserve to sleep well and enjoy a healthy life. And that is precisely why we create these sleep products.