celliant technology found even in sport performance clothing

Celliant Popularity Expanding Into High Performance Clothing

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You put all that hard work into your workouts – why not have them pay off as much as possible?

What if the clothes you choose to wear can help enhance the benefits of working out?

Health and wellness products are breaking new ground as high performance clothing, made with Celliant technology, hits the market.

Long used in the construction of Ironman Mattresses, Celliant technology is the most advanced textile material that responds to the body’s natural process and helps promote overall wellness. New high performance clothing lines for the gym and fitness and yoga classes are available, which help increase blood flow and improve overall health.

Celliant in clothing

For anyone interesting to further improving their health and wellness, from professional athletes to sometimes gym goers, Celliant-engineered materials can help people:

  • have increased energy, endurance, stamina and performance
  • recover faster from physical activity
  • experience restful sleep and improved comfort.

What makes Celliant fibers so special?

Celliant textiles are created with a patented blend of thermo-reactive minerals which are infused into the core of the fiber. This blend absorbs body heat and converts it into infrared energy, which is recycled back into the body (skin and tissue). This infrared energy is what temporarily increases local blood flow, allowing for improved delivery of essential nutrients and increased oxygen to the cells.

Holofiber, formerly

If you’ve heard of Holofiber, you’ve heard of Celliant – holofiber was its former name. Everything evolves, so does the use of this marvelous material.

Hologenix LLC

Celliant® is a patented technology from parent company, Hologenix, LLC. The company was founded in 2002 and is committed to creating, developing and bringing to market products that enhance people’s lives through new materials. The company has been truly visionary in wanting to improve people’s health.

Here’s quote from the company’s recent press release, showing the advancements and approvals made for this technology. Celliant is “the world’s most advanced, clinically tested responsive textile technology.”

Optimal health and sports performance

Anyone who has had the privilege of sleeping on an Ironman mattress can attest to how good they feel when they wake up. The mattresses were originally conceptualized with the bodies of the world’s most intense endurance athletes in mind so imagine how great they are for the average person!

It’s no wonder that this material is being used for high performance workout clothing. The fiber has been extensively researched and tested for both durability and effectiveness. The results are in and they are clear: Celliant technology enhances health and improves lives.