Do Adjustable Beds Need Special Bedding?

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We are so excited by the growing trend of people investing in adjustable beds. For anyone looking to improve their sleep — and their lives — adjustable beds really do pay off.

One thing to watch out for if you are considering purchasing an adjustable bed is the bedding you use. We have talked to clients who thought they could simple place their old standard sheets atop their new adjustable bed, only to wake up in the middle of the night with their bedding slipping off and exposing the mattress underneath.

Ordinary sheets are designed for a mattress that lays flat and doesn’t move. So does that mean you have to get all new bedding when you buy an adjustable bed? This can be a hefty financial investment, especially after you have spent all that money on your new fancy bed.

There are basically two routes you can take for bedding on your new mattress.


Bed Sheet Straps

These handy contraptions are sort of like suspenders for your fitted bed sheets and are great for keeping sheets in place while the mattress moves up and down. They can be used at all four corners of the bed, and are clamped diagonally across each corner on the bottom side of the mattress.

If purchasing all new bedding is out of reach at the moment, a good way to transition is to invest in some bed sheet straps and buy new sheets over time.

New bedding

The other option is to restock all your linens with the purchase of your new mattress. Some people have this mindset that you might as well do it all at once, and that’s great if you have the means, because it actually is very nice to have the exact sheets you need for an adjustable bed.

Fitted sheets for adjustable beds are designed to be deeper so they have space to respond to the movements of the bed. They stretch as needed and won’t slip off in the middle of the night.

If you are planning to buy sheets one by one, we suggest you start with the fitted sheet first and then replace the rest of your bedding as needed.

It can feel like a lot to do all at once — but if you are looking for ways to improve your sleep, we suggest you research the ways that adjustable beds can help. Being able to raise or lower the foot and head of the bed means that if you are suffering from an ailment like sore or swollen joints, you may find the relief you have always wanted.

Other common conditions that can be relieved from adjustable beds include:

  • Upper body pain and sore back
  • Swollen legs and inflammation of hip, knee and ankle joints
  • Indigestion and other digestive issues
  • Insomnia
  • Poor circulation

Adjustable beds are found in more and more homes. They improve the sleep, and the lives, of countless people every night. And they are made even better with the addition of new sheets that are designed to withstand the bed’s movements! Whether you get all new sheets at once or want to first invest in some bed sheet straps, we think you will be extremely happy with your decision to sleep in your new adjustable bed.