How Does Celliant Work?

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Celliant Technology is one of the greatest advances in sleep aid technology that we have seen in a long time. All of the experts at WR Mattress agree that this sleep aid technology can do wonders for anyone suffering from a wide range of ailments such as regular fatigue and overheating during sleep. In addition to these common issues, scientists have gone on to prove through multiple clinical studies that Celliant can be beneficial when dealing with specific health problems. But how can a small particle woven into the fibre of a fabric do so much for a person’s health?

To understand how Celliant Technology works, we must first describe what happens to our bodies as we sleep. When a person goes to sleep, their body gives off heat which is in fact energy that exists in the form or infrared light. While we cannot see this type of light, due to the fact that it exists outside of our visual spectrums, this light is constantly emanating from our bodies. On a normal mattress, or under a blanket or fabric that contains no Celliant, this energy is not harnessed or contained, and is allowed to escape. With Celliant however, infrared energy can be put to good use throughout our whole body!

Celliant technology works thanks to the thirteen thermo-reactive minerals that are used to create it. These minerals are combined and deeply embedded as tiny particles into the fibres of any fabric, and even latex cores found in mattresses like the Ironman Recovery Mattress. Once a person sleeps on these fibres, the Celliant can work its magic by absorbing our infrared energy and redistributing it evenly throughout our bodies. This allows our circulation to improve, our muscles to relax and even our body temperature to be regulated so we don’t overheat or get too cold as we sleep. In a 2003 study conducted by Dr. Lawrence Lavery, he showed that better blood flow can increase cellular oxygenation. It is this oxygenation process that Celliant is specifically designed to improve.

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A 2008 study by Dr. Ian Gordon showed that chronic foot pain and swelling could be reduced using a focused concentration of Celliant in the affected area. One group of patients wore socks containing Celliant, and the other wore socks containing none. The results showed that the group with the Celliant socks experienced a drastic reduction in foot soreness and swelling, while the other group’s feet felt worse, or didn’t change at all. In the following year, a study that focused on back pain was conducted using similar parameters by Dr. Marcel Hungs. This study also concluded that Celliant was effective at reducing the effects of chronic back pain.

With so many conclusive results, we can confidently say that Celliant is indeed effective, and even better, top quality mattresses and sleep products containing this remarkable technology are available at WR Mattress today! Feel free to come down to our store where we have proudly served residents in the White Rock and South Surrey area with the very best in terms of products and service. You can also continue to explore our site to learn more about Celliant and other great products.