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Ironman Bed vs Magnet Therapy Bed

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We are always looking for new ways to get deeper, more restful sleep. Sleep is one of the most underappreciated and overlooked factors to achieving optimal health, and often the first one to be sacrificed in the hustle and bustle of life. No matter your age or what stage you are at in life, a deep sleep is needed for the body to heal and recuperate from the day. But are there ways to enhance the benefits of sleep?

One trend that has been on our radar lately is magnet therapy, and specifically magnet therapy beds.
Magnet therapy has been picking up followers over the several years, as the numbers prove: the worldwide magnet therapy industry totals sales of over a billion dollars per year.

So what is magnet therapy and can it positively affect your sleep habits?

Magnet therapy operates on the idea that subjecting the body to static magnetic fields produced by a magnet can help increase blood flow and have positive effects for the body and its ability to heal. Increased blood flow means that circulation is improving and the body is able to heal more effectively from a number of ailments.

Some of these include:

  • Arthritis pain in the joints
  • Wounds and abrasions
  • Insomnia and difficulty staying asleep
  • Headaches
  • Fibromyalgia pain

Magnet therapy beds have magnets sewn directly into the mattress so that when a person lays down to sleep, they are passively exposing themselves to the benefits of magnets. Magnet bed manufacturers claim that by exposing the body to weak magnetic fields while you sleep improves circulation and blood flow, and can help decrease inflammation. For anyone looking to improve the health of their bodies and rejuvenate their vitality, magnet therapy mattresses are perhaps worth a try.

While there are people who swear by the benefits of these beds, there needs yet to be further studies and controlled clinical trials to decisively prove that magnet therapy is an effective way to treat certain ailments.

While magnet therapy uses a very subtle magnetic field, it should be avoided for people who:

  • Use a pacemaker
  • Have an insulin pump
  • Are pregnant

While negative side effects are extremely rare, some people who have magnetic field therapy claim side effects like:

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness

How does this compare to IRONMAN Pure Energy Products?

Both types of mattresses are in the pursuit of offering customers a healthful and healing sleep. As you may know, IRONMAN Pure Energy Products use Celliant technology, which converts the body’s heat into Far Infrared light (FIR) and emits it onto the body, to be absorbed by the tissue and muscles. Celliant technology incorporates 13 thermally responsive minerals, which are embedded into the fibers used in mattress manufacturing. These fibers are then knit or woven into fabrics and when worn or placed near the body, increase oxygen levels.

IRONMAN Pure Energy Products have been through clinical studies and the results have shown that this technology could increase oxygen in the body. We believe the body is able to recover more quickly, which enhances sleep.

We would love to hear what you think: Have you tried magnet therapy beds and how did they work for you?