Do Ironman Mattresses Actually Help with Recovery?

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The world of mattresses and sleep aid solutions is filled with so many products that claim to be the miracle key to a great night’s sleep that it can be difficult to find anything that actually lives up to that claim. Unfortunately, a lot of the products out there that seem too good to be true are exactly that, but there are some exceptions. At WR Mattress, we have a team of experts that share over 50 years of experience finding sleep aid solutions for people, that actually work. One of our best discoveries by far over the years has been the Ironman Recovery Mattress that features Celliant Technology.

The Ironman Mattress is quickly becoming one of the best mattresses available for people looking to not only improve their quality of sleep, but also their overall physical health. While it may be difficult to believe at first, considering all the poor imitations and products that don’t live up to their promise of providing a good rest, the Ironman Mattress can in fact help with the recovery process. This is all thanks to the incorporation of Celliant Technology into the material of the mattress. Unlike a lot of the products that fail to work for most people, Celliant Technology has been clinically and scientifically proven to promote the natural recovery process in a human body by putting our naturally produced infrared energy to good use while we sleep.

Celliant is made of thermos-reactive minerals that collect our body heat while we sleep and redistribute it back into our bodies as infrared light. Once this light energy is reintroduced to our blood stream, it causes our capillaries to open and relax which lets blood flow more freely. This temporarily improved local circulation is the key to how an Ironman Mattress containing Celliant Technology helps our bodies heal. According to Dr. Michael Coyle, Celliant’s Chief Science Officer, an Ironman Mattress can not only increase comfort and promote recovery from physical activity thanks to the increase in blood flow, but can also help people wake up without feeling groggy in the morning and fatigued during the day. It can also keep muscles from getting too tense or strained during sleep, and over time can improve a person’s overall circulation.

When you can get all these health benefits just by sleeping on an Ironman Mattress, there are few reasons to wait to get your own. To learn more about this product, and the many other sleep aid products that contain the remarkable Celliant Technology available at WR Mattress in White Rock, feel free to visit us in store, or continue to explore our website for additional information.