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Ironman Mattress Reviews

May 2023

Excellent & knowledgeable service with quick delivery by two very pleasant young men.
Finally, I am getting a comfortable nights sleep.Jill Dashwood, Parksville

May 2023

We have really benefitted from our purchase of the Ironman Recovery Mattress as we sleep more comfortably and more soundly than ever before. We are side sleepers and hve noticed our hips and lower backs no longer feel stiff or achy in the morning.Baird Robinson, Victoria

April 2023

We love the feeling of the mattress – so comfortable. We started using the massage feature lately & it’s most enjoyable and relaxing. It helps get us to sleep as well. We’re in our 70s and did a bit of gardening yesterday. After a 20 minute massage the next day, our backs felt better.Tony & Shirley, Victoria

April 2023

We have had our Ironman mattress for over 3 months now and what a difference it has made in our quality of sleep. My husband agreed to the purchase just to keep me happy… happy wife, happy life. He said he could sleep anywhere. BUT… after only a couple of weeks he admitted his quality of sleep has improved 10 fold. He said “there are no more hot spots”. My only regret is that we waited so long to purchase one of your mattresses.
Thank you for looking after us, we love M&N Mattress Shop!
Sincerely, Pat & Marlene WatersMarlene Waters, Parksville

April 2023

Sleeping better through the night. Feels amazing! Not so hard on the shoulders. Thank you!Andrea Angus, Qualicum

March 2023

Very pleased with our new mattress.
And thanks for the great service.
Jean, Parksville

February 2023

M&N Mattress were a pleasure to deal with. My sleep has improved 100% and so has my back. As well Neelam gave me a latex pillow. It is wonderful. I may have to buy one for my husband.
I highly recommend M&N Mattress. Exceeded Expectations.Judy & Norman Campbell, Qualicum Beach

February 2023

We are very pleased with our new Ironman mattress. Our sleep patterns have improved with the comfort of this product. It was a very informative presentation at the show room and timely, prompt delivery service.Marla Terri, Qualicum Beach

December 2022

This is my second Ironman mattress. My first, bought in 2014, was still in great condition when I gave it away in 2022. I was downsizing from a queen to a twin bed and had no plans to purchase any other brand. It’s perfect in firmness and comfort. It guarantees me a great sleep.Jean Weighill, Nanaimo

November 2022

Wow! I am so pleased that I came to your shop. I love my new bed and YES sleeping well! Thank you Sukh for all your kind and expert advice!!Linda Tosney, Nanoose Bay

November 2022

I recently bought the king size Ironman mattress and bed.

I consider it to be the best purchase I have ever made. The comfort and restfulness I have gotten is wonderful.

I had lower lumbar back surgery in February of this year. This mattress provides me with the utmost rest I could ever hope to get.

Thank you M&N for suggestions on the choice of mattress to make.Ms. Isabelle Neumann, Parksville

November 2022

The Ironman Recovery Mattress is simply the best. It offers support & comfort far beyond any other mattress on the market and the customer service offered by M&N Mattress is in a league of its own.Valerie Bradshaw, Parksville

November 2022

For the last 2 months, my husband and I have been enjoying sleeping on our new latex Ironman mattress – it is very comfortable & is providing us with just the right amount of support, warmth & a good night’s sleep!

Set up & delivery of our new mattress/frame was very professionally done!
Susan & David Rowe, Parksville

November 2022

I love my new mattress. I sleep 8 or 9 hours very well. Thank you so much.Miriam Shell, Parksville

November 2022

Our Ironman mattress sleep product has certainly made our lives easier during this difficult time. We were referred to M&N Mattress Shop by satisfied customers & friends. My husband is diagnosed with stay 4 colon cancer. Between hospital visits, operations & chemo treatments our queen size sleep product has helped maintain his comfort & sanity. Many thanks for the excellent service from the M&N gang!Linda Baxter, Nanaimo

November 2022

Thank you, Neelam and staff for your exceptional service before the purchase, the delivery service and the after purchase calls to make sure everything was going well. The Ironman mattress is amazing! We have a more comfortable sleep than we have had for a long time. Thanks again.Dan & Elizabeth Harford, Qualicum Beach

October 2022

The first night I slept on it I didn’t have a sore back and since then it has been the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever had. It supports the body evenly and almost feels like I’m floating on a cloud! For me it was a very good investment.Robert Miles, Qualicum Beach

October 2022

We purchased our IronMan mattress in anticipation of future aches & pains due to arthritis and age. So far, so good!Bruce & Janet, Qualicum Beach

August 2022

Thank you for checking with us. We love the bed. The best thing besides the comfort, is the fact when one person moves, the mattress stays still. There is no motion on the mattress. This makes for a much better sleep!Wayne & Joan Stewart, Qualicum Beach

August 2022

We are happy with the mattress. It is the first time I can get up in the morning and not have a sore back. Thank you so much.Werner Scheffel, Qualicum Beach

August 2022

It’s a great bed. I sleep much better less pain: I have never had a nicer bed. Thank you so much your staff is great!
Roy Stoner, Parksville

August 2022

Since buying an Ironman bed, my sleep has improved 100%. The pain that was waking me through the night has become non existent. No more pressure points on hips & shoulders keeping me awake. I love this mattress!
Krisanna Jeffrey, Parksville

August 2022

The ‘Best’ Sleep Ever! Many thanksBill & Lorraine McNeilly, Parksville

June 2022

Our experience has been great. We are now sleeping through the night! Previously, if one person moved on the Queen size mattress, the whole bed would shake. This is the first mattress we have had that is motionless when one person turns in the night. It is worth every penny for a night’s sleep. After all, a person spends at least 35% of their life sleeping in bed. You spend much more on other items for a lesser amount of time. Our 1/3 time is going to be in comfort with a restful sleep!!
John & Lynne Smith, Qualicum

November 2021

Mark & his staff were very knowledgeable in their products & we loved that you could get one side firm and one side soft. Our sleeps have improved and can’t wait to go to bed every night. The delivery & set up staff were excellent also.
B&B Howich, Campbell River

November 2021

A wonderful mattress! Early morning back pain completely disappeared! Thanks.Linda Fullalove, Parksville

November 2021

The recently purchased and adjustable bed through M&N Mattress Shop. Although it did take some getting used to, we are now very pleased with the bed, mattress and the complimentary pillows.

Service was excellent, including solving some minor glitches with delivery. We would not hesitate to recommend this business.
Ken & Elinor Tait, Ken & Elinor Tait

November 2021

We purchased our 2nd Ironman Mattress last month. We loved ours so much, that we decided to put one in our motor home. It is truly the best mattress ever! No more aches & pains and you won’t believe it till you try one. Worth every penny!!Lynn McNaught, Lantzville

October 2021

My first night sleeping on my “Ironman” mattress bed, I was shocked to wake up at 9:00am! 9AM!!! I’ve never woken up at that time for years!! I was stunned to my foundation and scared because I’m diabetic. I got up quick! Took my BLD, I was low, I couldn’t believe the bed could ever be that good!! The swelling in my foot and leg went down! This bed is unbelievable, the first night I couldn’t believe it, I made sure to put the alarm on for 7am, I had the best sleep in years, a good night sleep for the 2nd time, but I still put the alarm on just incase. All you diabetic out there get this bed, you will be glad you did!! I just love my bed, everybody should have a bed like this one!! I’m taking it with me when I die!! Cheers to you all.Sheila Ann Moore, Qualicum Beach

September 2021

Sukh took a lot of time finding out what I needed from a bed and showing me / letting me try several options. My final choice is like sleeping on a cloud (my back loves it). I love the latex mattress. I don’t wake up hot in the middle of the night.Sandy Doyle, Nanoose Bay

January 2021

This new bed is amazing!! My husband and I have slept very well. In our old bed, we would wake up with sore backs. Our new bed we wake up painfree. It is amazing. So glad we had the opportunity to buy such a comfortable bed. I loved how they delivered & set it up for us. The day we moved to our new house it was so nice to have such a comfortable sleep. I also sprained my ankle the day we moved, so having my foot up every night has helped the swelling.Tim Bedard & Melissa Baron, Qualicum Beach

December 2020

We always thought that the aches and pains of everyday living was an inevitable result of our journey through life, but little did we realize that the aging was not just us, but our old mattress trying to tell us that it’s best before date had passed. Since getting our Ironman Mattress, we both greet the morning feeling good and well rested.Greg & Winn, Parksville

November 2020

For years I have not been able to have a FULL night sleep due to my neck injury. I purchased the Ironman mattress on Sept 16/20 and have been able to sleep through the night without waking up multiple times due to pain. It is a great improvement for my quality of life, and of course the staff at M&N were professional and courteous.Joe Racz, Parksville

November 2020

Excellent service & knowledge. Great product. Best sleep ever!Barb Lemoine, Bowser

October 2020

Why we chose M&N Mattress Shop –

  • We attempt to shop local and purchase products made in Canada (made as local as possible).
  • Your sales staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. We were served prompty and not hard pressured into buying.
  • Delivery and set-up was included. Delivery staff were prompt and courteous.
  • As for the new bed – so far it’s great – less aches and pains in the morning. Thanks Neelam, Sukh, and Mark. We will most certainly be looking to do business with you in the future.
Dave & Sandy Edwards, Qualicum Beach
October 2020

Mark & Neelam
My wife and I have been customers of M&N mattress for many years. We have purchased two or three mattresses over the last twenty years. We have taken advise on which mattress would suit our needs. The biggest hurdle to overcome is my wife's fibromyalgia. At the time of writing this she has had the best sleep in years. We credit the new Ironman mattress.

Thanks for the great service and advise.
Reg & Marilyn Cowie

Reg and Marilyn Cowie, Parksville BC
October 2020

My Ironman mattress provides completely neutral support, by that I mean you do not feel any one pressure point, the whole body is supported equally. Like no other mattress I’ve ever had, closet thing to floating on water. I look forward to every sleep.

Richard Senft, Parksville
October 2020

Love this mattress. We fall asleep faster & wake more rested. Worth every penny.

Robert Gillan, Parksville
Aug 2020

Product knowledge & customer service are unmatched in this market. We are completely satisfied customers. Thank you for matching us with our perfect mattress M&N Mattress Shop!

Michelle and Gunar Hermanson, Parksville
Aug 2020

A note to you folk to let you know how much we love our Ironman mattress! While we loved the previous mattress (not an Ironman) we purchased from you, this one, bar far, is the best one ever!

Unfortunately, as we age, sleep can often be a problem. It can be hard to “settle” comfortably and stay that way all night. Not a problem anymore! Honestly, it sounds (a lot) corny, but is like sleeping on a cloud! A very well supported cloud, that is! So great to be able to let your sleepiness over take you and to stay asleep all night. And no aches and pains in the morning!

Such a wonderful product you sold us!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rob and Chris Morrow, Parksville
July 2020

I decided to try an Ironman latex mattress as my next mattress after a friend recommended it. She was extremely happy with hers, so I looked into trying them out at your store. After testing the different models, I settled on the on that suited me best. I wanted something that was cooler to sleep on and a better support for my body. After taking some time to adjust to the new bed, I love it. Thank you for all your help.

Lorna Jacobsen, Parksville
March 2020

We have enjoyed our bed since the first night. No more sore backs in the morning (which both my wife and myself complained about with our old mattress). Seem to have more energy during the day as well since sleeping on the Ironman. Great mattress!!

John McCabe, Campbell River
March 2020

Finally I can have uninterrupted sleep, wake-up without back pain and feel fully rested! Ironman mattress is amazing! Fantabulous-wondiferous! Thank you Sukh & M and N!

Paul Cramer, Nanoose Bay
Feb 2020

Wow! I love our Ironman mattress. The service was wonderful! I ordered it on a Saturday morning and it arrived that afternoon. Now I have no more hip pain when I’m in bed and have eliminated all the extra pillows I used to need. Thank you, Sukh and everyone at M&N.

Bev & Bill Beese, Nanaimo
Feb 2020

Thank you for the wonderful service!! I came in and was served immediately, purchased my mattress & received with the same date!! I have wonderful sleeps and am waking up with no pain!! I will refer your company to all my clients.Adina Barugolo, Qualicum

Dec 2019

Eight years ago, after hip replacement surgery I purchased my first Ironman mattress. It solved my sleep problem. About four years later, after a second operation on the same hip, I have been sitting on one edge of my bed continuously and they sent it to factory to repair that spot (and loaned me a mattress in the meantime) and when fixed, and lowered the legs of the bed frame and was wonderful again. Soon I had a daughter move in with me after she had brain surgery. We bought a single Ironman Mattress which she really slept well on. Recently we bought a queen Ironman Mattress after we had tried a Cabinet Bed with the best quality mattress. Mark gave us an excellent trade in on the Cabinet Bed. When we went into the store, we we’re always treated like family. They were good with delivery & service. I would use them again.
Marjorie Parton, Qualicum Beach

Nov 2019

Both my wife & I love the mattress! We both suffer from bad backs and were now pain free when we get up in the morning! Great store too! We also bought bedroom furniture as well!

Rick & Colleen Poneira, Qualicum Beach
Oct 2019

Can’t thank you enough for all your help. We love this bed, no more sore backs in the morning. We find we don’t toss and turn in the night either. The pillows are the icing on the cake, so comfortable!
-Two very happy sleepers.
Bill & Lou Lineham, Nanoose

Oct 2019

Very comfortable mattress, still adjusting the head/feet elevation to the most comfortable heights for us.Bill Burgoyne, Parksville

Oct 2019

The mattress is very comfortable; therefore, I have fewer sore spots when I get up. I have had great sleep. I would definitely recommend these mattresses to anyone! Also, the service was excellent!Claire Cyr, Qualicum Beach

Oct 2019

Neck and shoulder pain gone!Pat & Norm, Qualicum Beach

Sept 2019

Love the mattress. It is like sleeping on air. Thank you Sukh!
Barbara Pisler, Parksville

Sept 2019

I love my mattress!! So comfy!
Thanks guys

Christine Nagy, Parksville
Sept 2019

Hi Neelam!
We are very happy, and impressed by the “Ironman Mattress”. We sleep (actually especially me) sleep much better. (I can now sleep). The pillows help keep my spine straight-better back!
Was first impressed by the presentation at the home show! Will certainly drop by for a coffee!
Thank you again, I can now sleep!
MaryAnn Grivel, Parksville

Sept 2019

We are happy to report that we have had a great experience in purchasing our ironman mattress from M&N Mattress Shop. We appreciated the knowledge and expertise shared so enthusiastically by Mark, which gave us confidence in the high quality of the Ironman Product. As Mark promised we would, we left the store smiling! We are now sleeping soundly and awaking feeling well rested each morning. One more comment… The delivery guys are awesome! Professional, helpful and so pleasant! We would definitely recommend M&N and the Ironman Mattress and have , in fact, done so to many of our friends.Roy & Cathie Harris, Parksville

May 2019

I can sleep and wake up without having lower back pain. Service has been wonderful! Keith & Judy Reed, Victoria

April 2019

I Praise my Lord for every good thing that happens to me.
My daughter first suggested that we go into M&N’s as we might see a bed that I’d like. When we did I was so comfortable that felt I could have a nice nap right there in the store. We enjoyed meeting Sukh and trying out what is now my bed. I was surprised when my Ironman bed was delivered that the two nice delivery guys even made the bed for me. I now sleep after many years of not sleeping well. The massage for my back and feet is a blessing. Why did I wait so long? It was a great experience from start to finish. Hey everyone, I love my new bed!

Sue (Vera) Bitton
April 2019

From start to finish M&N Mattress provided excellent customer service. We are proud owners of a new Ironman Mattress. We wake up feeling well aligned and would compare the experience to being adjusted by a professional chiropractor. In three weeks, we are well rested, pain free and refreshed. We highly recommend M&N for anyone seeking knowledgeable staff, a high-quality product and an overall terrific experience. Carmen & Tom Hartman, Qualicum Beach

March 2019

Sleeping great! Thanks! Fantastic, prompt delivery. No complaints 😊
Amanda Craig, Nanoose Bay

March 2019

An excellent investment: Best Sleep Ever!
It’s also a wonderful way to just sit back & read.
Carol Low, Qualicum Beach

February 2019

Brilliant local company! Bed is fabulous… so I bought 2! Totally would recommend 😊

Gerald Ferguson, Parksville
January 2019

Walked into the store ad was instantly greeted with positive energy and given the all the facts and knowledge to put someone like myself at ease while making a major purchase such as this. The decision to make my purchase was easy with the help of everyone at the shop. Highly recommend! Thank you so much!

Coby & Karla Johnson, Nanaimo
January 2019

I am delighted with my Ironman mattress and I am delighted with my dealing with the fine people at M&N Mattress. I am enjoying a solid night’s sleep.

Thank you!

Carol Wright, Qualicum Beach
January 2019

Bed is everything you said it would be! Comfortable!

Hilde Thomas, Qualicum Beach
January 2019

Sleeping is great for both of us! Love to sit up and read at night with the massage feature on—helps me relax! Love the bamboo sheets too!

Irene Creally, Qualicum Beach
January 2019

Dear Folks at M&N,

Never in over 60 years have we slept so well. I Barked at the cost of the mattress, but now without a doubt I consider it the best investment ever. The only downside: it’s been challenging to keep the dogs out of the bed 😊

Kane & Elvira Summers, Nanaimo
January 2019

Not only do we sleep better because of our Ironman mattresses, but we also compete, play and live better!

Lally Graner, Qualicum Beach
January 2019

It is soft but firm. I hurt my foot and had to keep it raised. I was thankful that I didn’t have to worry about keeping a pillow under it. I could just raise my foot of the bed. Much easier.

Ron & Marilyn Demers
January 2019

I just love my bed. I sleep so well, and my neck problems seems to have gone away. Watching TV in bed is so comfortable! I Only wish that I had bought the adjustable base much sooner than I have. All the best for the New Year!

Ingrid Raw
January 2019

Love my new bed with the “lower” head board. The adjustable base is pure luxury. My Ironman mattress is super comfortable, and it does not get hot when I sleep on it. Good buy! 😊

Sandi Lambert, Qualicum Beach
November 2018

We love our new bed. Wonderful sleep, Absolutely NO sore stiff body anymore. A joy to elevate in wedding position for hours without discomfort. I would recommend highly. Thank you!

Phil Organ, Qualicum Beach

Outstanding bed & Mattress combination. Matched by the customer service.
Grazie Mille,

Alex Van Amerongen
October 2018

We both have experienced improved sleeping (quality & duration) since we received our Ironman Mattress. The ability to raise the head position seems to improve our sleep also.

Shari & Barry Magnusson, Parksville
September 2018

I was very impressed with experience at the M&N Mattress Shop. They were very informative; knowledgeable about their product; patient; pre and post purchase communication was punctual; we never felt pushed. They have a positive reputation that we’ve heard about. Before and after our purchase from our friends and family. We were so impressed we sent a visiting family member to M&N Mattress Shop. They have slept on our cabinet bed latex mattress & Ironman Mattress and had asked about it. They have a great rest as every night and they wanted to know more about it. We are very pleased we went to M&N Mattress Shop to purchase our mattresses and furniture.

Lucy Birchall, Parksville
September 2018

John suffers from schizophrenia since the purchase of his Ironman bed set he says he sleeps more sound not tossing and turning and his back pains are much better. Thank you Sukh for taking the time with us ALL. Ken (manzer) is also enjoying his bed he bought.

John Sailes, Parksville
August 2018

I must say that I have been very pleased with my Ironman Bed. I sleep a lot better now. I do have problems with swollen feet,
but since having the bed I find they do not swell as much as I sleep with my feet up higher. I DO NOT regret purchasing the bed and wish I had got one sooner.

Aileen Pinnington - Surrey BC
July 2018

Dear WR Mattress Gallery

First, we were very impressed with the persistence and dedication of your team to install our Ironman Pure Energy Mattress, given the physical challenges
of our home. Second, the team also spent extra time assembling our existing bedframe with headboard and footboard, ensuring our new mattress would fit properly.
Finally, the mattress has been on of the best investments we have made in our health and self care. Not only has it reduced snoring issues, it also has helped us relaxing using
Zero gravity feature, leading to better sleep. We also like the feature where we can sit up and read in bed. We love how we can adjust the bed both and head and foot to any position we want.
Its the perfectly customizable mattress!

Kim and Fernando Jacob - Vancouver BC
July 2018

We are very happy with the quality of sleep we’ve enjoyed since purchasing our Ironman Bed. Back and hip pain are greatly reduced which is improving how we feel while going about our day.
Rod & Michelle Stewart, Qualicum Beach

July 2018

Thank you for suggesting this amazing bed Mark. I thought it was so funny walking into your store
and looking for Geoff and he was lying on the bed while talking to you :).
We have both had back issues for many years. We both sleep better than we ever have slept before. WE LOVE OUR BED!!!
For the first time also we lie in bed an watch TV. We couldn’t do it before as we both felt crippled if we spent to much time in bed.
Thanks again.Geoff and Kim Phillips. - Cloverdale BC.

April 2018

A very positive experience! We were greeted immediately upon entering the store, very knowledgeable staff who went out of their way to find the best mattress for my back problems, delivery was prompt professional service from start to finish. I would highly recommend! Very pleased with our purchase! Perfect for my back, no pain anymore.

Art and Maureen Bond, Parksville
April 2018

Thank you Neelam for explaining so clearly the benefits of an Ironman mattress to me and my daughter. I bought this mattress a month ago and have experienced the best sleeps ever! Happy, happy, happy!

Jeanne H, Courtenay
March 2018

I wish that I could say that I am so pleasantly surprised and that all my achy complaints have vanished—but I have not stayed awake long enough to check it out.
GT Bailey, Parksville

February 2018

I am very pleased with the concern for my health issues shown by Sukh and the staff at the Parksville M&N Mattress store. A genuine interest was shown to obtain the best adjustable base unit and price to fulfill my requirements.
I had previously purchased a mattress here and was able to save the purchase of a new mattress, since the unit was shown to perform very well with the type of mattress I have. Thank you.

E. W. Burt
December 2017

We love our king size mattress. I suffer from fibromyalgia, so my sleep was very sporadic. Since buying our new mattress my sleep is much better! Within days the pain in my hips was gone. My life/health has improved immensely. My husband suffers from gerd-with him putting the head of the bed up slightly it has helped a great deal. He also isn’t snoring anymore- Ya!! We enjoy setting the bed in TV mode and watching TV before going to sleep. We love it!!!

Bob and Vicki Elsdon, Nanoose Bay
December 2017

I bought the top of the line pure energy mattress. Best purchase I have made. I now have a sound sleep, my hips are no longer aching and I feel well rested when I awake. Super service at this store, and the staff are knowledgeable and well informed. Good experience. I would not hesitate to recommend this store and this mattress.

R. Baxter, Parksville
December 2017

Why did we wait so long to buy one??? The mattress and pillows are amazing, no more waking up with sore backs, necks, ect. The mattress has improved our sleep quality by 1000! We are so pleased with our purchase! Thanks for the great service 😊

Ken & Heidi Holtzman, Port Alberni
December 2017

A purchase well worth waiting for! We both are sleeping better. Waking with well rested bones & muscles. Very happy with our bed!
Thank you!

Doug & Sue Spicer, Parksville
November 2017

I’ve been sleeping on my Ironman for 3 months now and its is everything it claims to be. Great sleeps and wake up pain free. Amazing!
G. Husband, Qualicum Beach

November 2017

With pleasure I’d like to tell you how pleased I was with the service I received on October 23rd in your store to buy a bed. The sales lady was professional and very friendly, and I was able to make up my mind right there as the price was right as well. Delivery was supposed to be in 14 days. That happened well within the 14 days time frame. On November 2nd the first snow fall caused a delivery delayed but they did come deliver the bed and taken the old one away for me. The delivery men did an absolute superb job in the wet and cold evening.

I like to mention that this was the third time I have purchased a bed from M&N Mattress Shop.E. Van Grondelle

October 2017

I had shoulder surgery on Nov 14. I have never been able to sleep on my back but now I am forced to. With my adjustable base and Ironman bed I can change the positions so that I can get comfortable and get some sleep. The Ironman mattress system is perfect for recovery from surgery. Bardua, Nanoose Bay

October 2017

If you ever need to buy a remote-operated, hospital bed but dislike that institutional appearance, M&N mattress in Parksville is the place to go!

This past February my husband was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS). By then, he already had difficulty getting into and out of a regular bed. So, we began a search to find a bed he liked that could elevate flat as well as incline at the head and foot, to make the process easier for him. A neighbour showed us their Ironman bed and also recommended that we consider buying one at M&N mattress shop because of their amazing customer care and after service. We found it to be absolutely true.

Three weeks and a pile of research later, I bought two, single long sized (4.0 Ironman beds on Kingsdown-Beaumont bases). After two months, we also bought the full frames (with headboard and footboard) reckoning that the frames would hold the mattress in place better since it frequently tends to shift off the base. All things considered, comfort and dependability far outweigh the cost. We have both enjoyed a sound, cool, and comfortable sleep for the past six months.

First, there is no doubt that the Ironman technology is indeed everything it claims to be. And even if the beds do not raise and lower exactly like a hospital bed, the head and foot both do move up or down separately, and incline flat from the head or foot. There is also a special zero gravity position that’s out of this world comfortable!

All in all, if you are seeking an excellent place to buy high quality specialty beds and value truly great customer service with attentive after care, we highly recommend M&N Mattress!

Adriana Gamble, Parksville
October 2017

We would love to thank the owners and staff of M&N mattress for their excellent customer service. We found them to be very knowledgeable and personable during our experience.

We were very skeptical at first, as we both have extremely painful lower back problems (osteo arthritis, bone spurs, stenosis). We were not sleeping through the night, groggy the next day, and extremely sore throughout the day. We were getting out of bed crippled and hunched over with extreme pain for the first 20 or so steps of the day.

Within the first week after purchasing the bed, we noticed significant improvement in our quality and duration of sleep. After the second week, we started to see the decline of difficulty walking first thing in the morning. I have also stopped taking medication at night to sleep. Now we can get out of bed free of pain and have a good start to our day.

We are both enjoying our bed so much that we are actually dreading on going away for a holiday. We recommend this Ironman Recovery Mattress and mechanical bed to anyone with a daily pain.

Bob & Debbie Lins, Nanaimo
October 2017

We are very pleased that we purchased the Ironman mattress with the adjustable base. After trying different mattresses at other stores, we decided to visit M&N Mattress Shop. We both experience sleeping issues and with some apprehension decided to purchase the Ironman Mattress. We find the mattress very comfortable and it certainly helps alleviate the aches and pains that we have. We definitely would recommend this mattress and recommend M&N Mattress Shop!

Carol and Peter Ebert, Parksville
October 2017

We ordered new sleep systems for ourselves and our teenage son. Since then we’ve been having more restful sleeps and have noticed the morning coughs of both our son and my husband subside. Allergies which are normally hectic in the all are much more tolerable!! Thanks!

Nora Madill, White City (SK)
October 2017

Hi Sukh,
I purchased this mattress and lo and behold… no more tossing and turning! I sleep soundly and awakened fully rested. No need to find a comfortable position. Its insanely comfortable! Best purchase ever!!! P.S … your guys did a stellar job of delivery and set up.

Thanks again and many kudos your way!

Pat Maguire, Nanaimo
October 2017

Ron thinks it’s just great! Reduced his pain in his back & knee. He can sleep on the side he couldn’t before. I find it easy to move and less pressure on my bones and great pressure relief on my muscles. We have more restful sleeps at night now.

Ron & Caren Brown, Port Alberni
August 2017

The installers arrived on time- which was appreciated. When they left there was not a scrap of plastic or cardboard left behind. All we saw was our new bed. When a small adjustable was requested- immediate response. TV watching, massage and mattresses.. a real treat.Jane and Kurt Fuhrmann, Nanoose Bay

August 2017

Just wanted you to know how much my ironman bed has helped me over the last year. I had cervical spinal stenosis surgery in April 2017 and honestly I missed my bed, when I could finally use my bed again (after 4 weeks) I feel so much better and it sure has helped with my recovery. The staff at your store are great, when my bed needed to be made lower out came the guys and adjusted for me. You guys really rock. Thank you.Gillian Roberts

July 2017

The Ironman mattress has been one of the best purchases of my life. The arthritic stiffness in my hips and shoulders is now a non-issue for me. My 18 year debilitating back pain has improved some and I get over major flare ups more quickly.Valerie Taylor, Parksville
July 2017

I have had a big improvement in lower back problem since I got an Ironman mattress. Also must thank your staff for their assistance and for the delivery people who were so efficient, thank you all very much.
V.M Demers, Parksville
July 2017

Dear Sukh,
I Just started sleeping in my new bed since July 27th, but have been sleeping well. One of my neighbors I had met yesterday had also bought one from you and he loves it the neighborhood here is great and they are having a gathering in august neighborhood here is great and they are having a gathering in august sometime so I can meet everyone. Will stop in for coffee sometime. Thank you!Terrie A Brook, Parksville
July 2017

Amazing bed, so supportive and comfortable. No more back ache in the morning. Wish we had got one sooner. We both love it! Delivered and set on time and Neelam was great to deal with.Stew and Sue W, Qualicum Beach
July 2017

On my old mattress which was, I thought, was well supporting. I tossed and turned all night due to sore shoulders and hips with the Ironman mattress I quite often wake up in the same position that I fell asleep and no more sore points. It gives you an incredibly satisfying sleep. Love it!Steve Wiens, Nanaimo
July 2017

Yes, we are pleased with the comfortable sleep our Ironman mattress is providing find sleeping with both head & feet elevated appear to have improved most of our medical conditions.
Sherwood, Qualicum Beach
July 2017

Hello Sukh,

We love our bed! The vibration is great for my legs. This bed is super comfortable, love the adjustable base, great for reading or T.V. All in all, super comfortable. Sukh was informative, friendly but not pressuring us at all. We are very happy with our new bed. Thank you M&N mattress shop.Rob and Cathy Baker, Nanoose Bay

July 2017

Both my wife and I enjoy our new mattress immensely. We get a much better sleep and are thrilled with our purchase. Thanks so much M & N Mattress Shop for you assistance in choosing the right mattress for our needs.Richard Beevers, Nanaimo
July 2017

I really like the Ironman mattress very much. I am comfortable and sleeping very well. I like sleeping with my head elevated. I also like the latex pillow.Richard and Doreen Hampton, Nanoose Bay
July 2017

I purchased on Ironman bed because of arthritis. By raising the lower part of the bed it relieves pressure on my knees and feet. Frequently I no longer wake up in pain. Also I have found that because the mattress is firm and soft I can do my stretching exercises right in bed. I am thoroughly enjoying my Ironman.Pamela Toth, Parksville
July 2017

We’ve used our Ironman Recovery Mattress for the past week. It’s made sleep a pleasure again. No need to move or roll over, no tossing during the night. When either of us gets up the other doesn’t realize it or wakes. Great product! Very glad we chose this over the traditional type of mattress.
P.S We’re also very happy that our special mattress cover doesn’t slip off on any of the corners as this was a major peeve with our old-style bed. It seemed no matter what mattress protector we would buy the corners would always slip. Very frustrating. Now we’re set for life! Thanks again!Mike and Lori P, Cobble Hil;
July 2017

I love my Ironman mattress. I wish I’d known about it years ago. I would have always loved one now that I’ve slept on it for 2 months. I am eagerly awaiting my niece, who is an Ironman competitor, to visit so that she can try it out too.
Lynda Gibson, Parksville
July 2017

We love our new “Ironman” bed. My husband was reluctant to give up his old bed but now wishes we had changed years ago.
Karen Kenyon, Nanoose Bay
July 2017

Although no bed can cure all my sleep issues I am very happy with our purchase. The bed is very comfortable and being able to raise the foot and head when needed is a bonus.Jann Bain, French Creek
July 2017

I am very happy with our Ironman Recovery Mattress. I am sleeping much better.
Esther Oliver, Qualicum Beach
July 2017

My Ironman bed is a god sent. I love it. I was a bit skeptical at first and reasearched for over a year and a half. I suffer from post polio and have 2 heineated discs in my back. Most mornings I was awakended by the pain. It was all I could do to getout of bed in the morning. Most nights I was in so much pain I got up and took more pain killers trying to get comfortable enough to fall asleep since Im sleeping on my Ironman. I have not been taking extra pain meds. I don’t wake up in pain at night. Its easier to get out of bed in the morning.Debbie Jestin, Qualicum Beach
July 2017

Purchasing a mattress and ergomotion adjustable base from M&N Mattress in Parksville was very gratifying and pleasant experience. Sukh and Neelam conduct themselves in a warm, engaging and professional manner. They are strong and effective advocates for their products but never at any time did I feel any pressure to buy nor did they ever try to up sell. I did purchase an Ironman pure energy sleep system and my sleep pattern has improved dramatically. It became ever better with a later addition of the softide ergomotion adjustable base. Delivery and set up of both products was on time and set up was also effected efficiently and professionally. Thus far at least both have proven to be a very a worthwhile investment.
Dale Euerby, Nanaimo
July 2017

Outstanding bed & Mattress combination. Matched by the customer service.Alex Van Amerongen, Ladysmith
July 2017

I’m sleeping better than I have in years. The bed is really well made and very comfortable. Thank you!
Michael Mcpherson, Victoria
May 2017

We have experienced great improvement in quality of sleep since purchasing our Ironman mattress with adjustable bases from M&N Mattress. We have noticed we do not toss and turn all night and we no longer wake up with sore back, feeling achy and stiff. We find ourselves sleeping longer because we are so much more comfortable.
Linda & Rodger Howard, Parksville

May 2017

I appreciate the attitude of the shop making it possible to choose the right density of foam, and as they say, “you get what you pay for”. I have spinal stenosis and finding a bed that allows me to sleep comfortably is a great relief. I recommend the service and the product. Thanks again M&N Mattress Shop.

Diana Lockwood, Parksville
May 2017

This mattress lives up to its name- “Recovery”.
We sleep better, in total comfort, and do not feel any weight shift.
We have dealt with M&N more than a few times, trust and appreciate their friendly, professional service and advice. Buying this mattress is proof of that!
Dave Campbell, Parksville

May 2017

Love my Ironman bed. It is comfortable plus wake up with less pain and sore muscles. I also purchased the adjustable bed and really don’t know how I managed without it for all these years. Service was speedy and excellent. I highly recommend the bed and the business.

Judy Doucette, Parksville
February 2017

I love my new double Ironman mattress set. I sleep the night, and feel refreshed in the morning. Thank you, Sukh K for all your help.
Marie Stashuk, Qualicum Beach

February 2017

The Ironman mattress was a totally new experience for my wife and me. Arlene loved it the first time she slept on it but took about a week for me to enjoy it probably due to my damaged back. However, there is no way I would go back to my previous mattress that I thought was a fairly good one. Now with our new latex mattress, I can benefit from a good night sleep. I would recommend M&N Mattress Shop because they sell a very good quality product and the service there is excellent.
André Bérubé, Nanaimo BC

January 2017

After purchasing an Ironman Mattress and Talalay pillows from Mark at WR Mattress Gallery, we are recommending him to all our friends and family.

Our Ironman Recovery Mattress has notably improved our sleep and we are enjoying the most restful nights.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable about all things sleep and found us exactly the right mattress for a price we couldn’t beat anywhere. Besides the excellent product knowledge and advice we received from Mark, the service we received from him and Jamie was top notch.

Thanks WR Mattress Gallery!

January 2017

Not only is the ironman bed terrific, but the service from WR mattress is superb. We took them up on their comfort guarantee and staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy. They switched out both our mattress and mattress cover. Then we switched out the box spring for a platform. We now are 100% satisfied, and are now enjoying a good night’s sleep every night. I don’t think you can beat this kind of service anywhere.Mike and Judy Jones, South Surrey BC

January 2017

Thank you Dave and WR Mattress for exceptional service. I recently purchased a latex 2″ topper and my wife loved it, so I went back and purchased another one for myself. Awesome Service, Awesome Product

Thank youJoe, South Surrey BC

December 2016

As a senior citizen I am suffering from numbness in the feet and ankles. My son recommended the socks that you sell that contain celliant. I have been wearing them as bed socks and am surprised at the amount of relief I have received. And I highly recommend them. Leni Freed

October 2016

Alice really likes the Ironman Mattress, no rolling into the middle, finds it nice and firm. Angus (the dog) likes the bed, but finds it a bit high. I also like the firm mattress, but has been struggling with a sore back, not doing anything for that. I think it is just the body getting old, no fault of the mattress.

Alex and Alice Charles, Qualicum Beach
October 2016

We love our new Ironman Mattress. It feels wonderful to get up in the morning without a sore back! This bed is so comfortable, you almost don’t want to get out of bed. Thanks for the wonderful customer service M&N, from your sale to the follow up, you were great.
Debra Murphy, Parksville

October 2016

The Ironman Recovery Mattress is amazing! Wish we had one 20 years ago. Quality of sleep has improved dramatically. My lower back (Degenerating discs L 5, 6, 7) is not sore after sleeping on this mattress. My wife has noticed vast improvement, more support for her scoliosis. The pillows are great too. Fabulous combination.
Doug and Rene Hall, Parksville

October 2016

The folks at M&N Mattress Shop have been very helpful and informative. We are very pleased with our new Ironman Recovery Mattress. We awake rested and refreshed.

Thank you
Frances McKay, Parksville

October 2016

Love the new Ironman Mattress.
My chronic back pain has gone from 95% sore to 5% , sometimes even 0. Haven’t had refreshing sleep like this for years.Garry Calvert, Courtenay B.C.

October 2016

We love our new Ironman Mattress. It is a treat to wake up with no aches and pains and feeling refreshed.

Thank you for the professional service and expert deliveryGary and Mary-Ann, Sooke B.C.

October 2016

I love my Ironman bed because it reduces swelling in my feet and lower legs. Also, reduces stress on my lower back. These are the main issues I deal with & they are addressed with the features of the bed.

Gayle Tuckey, Parksville
October 2016

I purchased the Ironman Mattress with an adjustable base prior to my total hip replacement in Sept.2016. Of note, I haven’t been in pain in bed as I had been previously and the adjustable feature means I don’t have to worry about breaking hip precautions as I arrange pillows.

Totally Wonderful!
Linda, Nanaimo

October 2016

We love our new Ironman Mattress and the exceptional service we received from M&N Mattress Shop.
Thank you for taking so much time to expound the many benefits of the Ironman Mattress as I as it has certainly met all the expectations.Ron and Cindy, Qualicum Bay B.C.

August 2016

We love sleeping on our new mattress.
We feel very rested and energized.Brian Rosnau - Parksville

July 2016

Thank you Sukh for recommending the Ironman bed to us.
Since we have had the bed we have had nothing but excellent undisturbed sleeps.
We were immediate in experiencing this and what impressed me the most is the body temperature swings I experienced in the past are not there now.
I just got back from an 11 round 7 day golf trip and am experiencing no back issues.
In the past I would normally seize up in the lower back area.
Thanks again for the recommendation. We love your product.

Brad & Marlene Lay - Nanoose Bay B.C.
July 2016

Our mattress is “Divine” (as are the pillows). It’s cool, just the right hardness (firmness)/softness. It’s been a great experience and I actually don’t mind going to bed knowing I’ll actually wake up there in the morning.Allan & Gloria Folk, Comox B.C.

July 2016

Our mattress is “Divine” (as are the pillows). It’s cool, just the right hardness (firmness)/softness. It’s been a great experience and I actually don’t mind going to bed knowing I’ll actually wake up there in the morning.Allan & Gloria Folk, Comox B.C.

July 2016

Thank you so much for helping us choose our new Ironman Mattress! We absolutely LOVE it!
Having the best sleeps we’ve had in years! We’ve been promoting it to anyone who will listen! It’s truly a “Miracle” mattress.
Thanks Again.Barb and Kerry, Courtenay

July 2016

We are pleased with our new Ironman Mattress and pillows and are enjoying a comfortable sleep.
David and Lorna Bauer - South Surrey , BC
June 2016

Setup guys were great . This is our second Ironman Mattress and love it.Debbie Boudreau - White Rock, BC
June 2016

I had been sleeping on a latex mattress for about 25 years. So the experience has been new to me. However because it’s a superior quality it improved overall sleep. I am able to fall asleep a lot sooner than previously. I am also getting a more restfull and longer sleep. Most of time I wake up with reduced body stiffness and feel more rested.Ray Karmazenuk – West Vancouver
June 2016
We had dedicated spending an entire day on mattress shopping, looking for a regular mattress. WR Mattress Gallery in Surrey was actually our last stop for the day. We came in looked at and tried the regular, inexpensive mattress and slowly worked our way over to the Ironman section, 2 hours later we walked out having purchased the best sleep investment in our lives, An Ironman Recovery mattress! We really appreciated Raman and her excellent service! NOT Pushy, no attempt to upsell but very patient and knowledgeable and took the time as we needed to explain all the products and differences. Almost immediately after delivering and setup of the mattress and adjustable base, we felt a difference not only in how well we slept, but not waking up groggy, rather much more refreshed!

I have a type of ARTHRITIS that severely affects my neck and spine and inhibits range of motion. The biggest benefit for me has been being able to sleep through the night pain free, waking up with more energy due to that, and actually having more range in motion in my back and neck which put a huge smile on my face! Who doesn’t want to wake up with less pain and more energy???

WE LOVE LOVE LOVE Our Ironman Recovery mattress and feel the benefits of it on a daily basis! The ergomotion adjustable base was an added bonus. There’s nothing like taking the weight off your feet and body with the zero gravity function

There will be no more room for regular mattresses in our home In fact we are looking to purchase another ironman recovery mattress for our guests/ guest bedroom so they can experience and enjoy the same quality of sleep and recovery that we have.

A Big thank you to Raman for all her professional assistance and expertise! We’ll be baaaaackkk

Thank you!Daniela & Lorrie – Delta BC

June 2016

We purchased our Ironman Mattress at the Home Show in Parksville. Sleeping on the Ironman Mattress has been wonderful, as I used to toss and turn with pain in my hips, also neck pain. The latex pillows and the Ironman Mattress has made such a difference, no more pains and we both sleep soundly through the night. Sukh was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. We highly recommend M&N Mattress Shop when looking for a new mattress.
Jan & Ken Arnelien, Parksville, BC
June 2016

Have had the bed for a month now, so far so good. Better sleeps, yes, it helps with the back and hip pain. Ask me in a year. Very happy so far. Quiet, no dipping to the center.
Karen Cole, Nathan Reed - Nanoose Bay, BC
June 2016

I am enjoying my Ironman Mattress and have many compliments on the bedroom set that I purchased as well.
The service was impeccable – they worked with honesty, pre and post delivery service, respectful and very informed.
Thank you for all the service and I am having the best sleep ever.
I would not hesitate to recommend M&N Mattress Shop and the Ironman bed
Sharon Rae - Nanaimo B.C.
June 2016

I am very pleased with my purchased of the Ironman Mattress. No more tossing and turning so sleeping better. Has also helped alleviate soreness in hips. Extremely comfortable.
Denise Dobbelaere, Qualicum Beach, BC
June 2016

So far so good. Back problems are reduced. Not a hot night, comfortable and easy to make because of the light weight. M. Kaspers, Nanaimo, BC
April 2016
My wife and I have been sleeping on the best beds sold by Sears Canada for over forty years. They were OK but never great and each lasted on average of a little more than 10 years. We purchased our IRONMAN MATTRESS at the beginning of Jan. 2016. At that time I had sore shoulders, sore neck and back pain. We were away to 2 ½ months. We slept on a variety of different beds. My shoulder, neck and back problems continued. Since March 17th 2016 we’ve been sleeping on our IRONMAN MATTRESS. After 2 weeks my shoulder, neck and back pains disappeared. I’m sold on the IRONMAN MATTRESS. My wife has experienced similar relief from sleeping on the IRONMAN MATTRESS.
Paul Tellier, Parksville BC
March 2016
If there was ever a mattress built for me, it is the Ironman! As I recently set up my new home, I was in search of a new bed. A good friend of mine turned me on to the Ironman mattress. Since I started sleeping on my new bed, my back has felt better, my dreams are more colorful, and I wake rested and ready to face my day. I would highly recommend this bed to anyone that wants to improve their sleep quality – go see Mark-Shannon C, Long Beach, California
January 2016
Sukh your words were true.
The best sleep ever, MY WORDS. Exactly one month and all I wanted to do is ‘Stay in Bed’ as they say. However, in the reclined position. I remember the changes: Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 – physically feeling better.

Thanks to the designers!Inge Handel, Nanaimo
Dec 2015
I love my new Ironman Mattress. Very, very hard to get up in the morning. Only wish I could pack it in my suitcase when I have to be away overnight! I have not had sore legs or hips since sleeping on my new Ironman Mattress.El Bottoms, Parksville
Dec 2015
We are sleeping much better sine purchasing our Ironman Mattress. Im sure as time goes by we all see many more benefits.Don & Donna Napper, Parksville
Dec 2015
As I was a nurse, caring for my own body is as important to me and caring for folks others body. I have had our Ironman Mattress for less than a week; in addition to my sleeping very well, today I received objective evidence of its benefits to me. While my chiropractor was working on me, she said, “What are you doing different. For the first time in 5 months your pelvis is level.” I was delighted and said the only different is I am sleeping on an Ironman Mattress – got it 5 days ago. She enthusiastically agree that would account of the pelvis becoming level.
Donna Harvey, Nanoose Bay
Dec 2015
Customer Care is excellent, we appreciate being given many options without pressure. We love our new bed.
Mike Bourciere, Parksville
Dec 2015
My husband and I love our new mattress! We are having the best sleeps we have ever had in our lives…NO stiffness in the mornings. We both have back problems and I have fibromyalgia as well..
Gladys Dawson & Peter Sinclair, Courtenay
Dec 2015
My husband and I love our new mattress! We are having the best sleeps we have ever had in our lives…NO stiffness in the mornings. We both have back problems and I have fibromyalgia as well..
Gladys Dawson & Peter Sinclair, Courtenay
Dec 2015
Mattress is great, having heavenly sleeps. Wish they were less expensive though.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Louise Wall, Qualicum Beach

Dec 2015
It has been wonderful, I now have no more back pain. Should done this long time ago.
Chris Vaderstoep, Qualicum Beach
Dec 2015
My new mattress is very comfortable to sleep on. I no longer wake up with a sore back in the AM. The only disadvantage is that I am unable to turn the mattress by myself; other wise I love it.

M&N Mattress will send one of our delivery staff to turn this mattress for a customer not able to do it themselves.
M. Gilcrest, Parksville BC

Dec 2015
It was a good decision to purchase the Ironman Recovery Mattress, it did help me with my hip problem and a few other minor issues.
Thank youB. Buchsein, Qualicum Beach
Dec 2015
My wide had been a professional athlete and was unable to sleep on her back due to the pain in her knees. With the Ironman Mattress, she is now able to sleep on the back with little discomfort – no pain – sleeps through the night. I get a better night’s sleep myself with the improved support. It helped by body heal quicker with a broken arm and a chest injury because of the increased comfort.
Happy Wife, Happy Life!Max and Stan Tonoski, Nanaimo
Dec 2015
Sleep all night, when I get up for any reason during the night, I am able to go back to sleep immediately. The bed is always warm, and I wake up refreshed at 7am.Helen McLennan, Port Hardy
We recently purchased three adjustable Ironman beds & mattresses from WR Mattress Gallery. We were immediately impressed with the knowledge of the sales staff and we never felt pressured to make the purchase. The quality and comfort of the Ironman mattress is outstanding. Being able to put the beds into Zero Gravity for added comfort and increased health benefits is a bonus. Our family highly recommends WR Mattress Gallery and the Ironman Mattress line if you are looking for a great bed and exceptional service. The Dunns.
Nov. 15th 2015

My IRONMAN MATTRESS has saved my life! I did have a Hi-end pillow top which I thought would be the ultimate, it was not. This IRONMAN MATTRESS is the answer if you have a bad back (I have) or not. I love it!
Gerri Cook Qualicum Beach
Nov. 17th 2015

I had a stroke 5 months ago and had not been sleeping well. After I purchased the Ironman Mattress I am sleeping soundly and waking up with energy. No more backache from lumpy mattresses. Awake feeling all over!!!
Thank you, Darlene O’Neill
Nov 2015

We have never slept netter or enjoyed a new bed more! For this first time in years my husbands no longer wakes up with a back ache.
This bed is a great product.
Ron and Val McLaughlin - Qualicum Beach
Nov. 2015
Since purchasing our Ironman Mattress I no longer have to use supportive pillows for my arthritic hip. The mattress is firm and sooo comfortable, providing us with a restful night’s sleep. We are delighted with our new mattress and regret we were not aware of the Ironman many years ago. So many good “sleeps” missed.
Warren & Jean Grisewood
Nov 2015

The mattress is helping. We are sleeping better. Neck is a little better, nice bed.

Val Hales and Tim Hales - Bowser, BC
Oct 31st 2015

When I went into the Mattress Shop I was looking for a mattress and bed and service. I found both. The mattress and bed are excellent. The lady staff made sure I was comfortable. The products I purchased after trying several in the store on display and in the price range I was able to afford. The delivery was exactly when the staff mentioned it would be. I sleep comfortably since I obtained the new mattress and bed and would recommend these products and the Mattress Shop to anyone looking for the products I purchased.
W. Douglas O’Donnell - Qualicum Beach
August 2015

Helping with the diabetic neuropathy-comfortable sleep with less pain. Adds to the quality of life when not in pain.
Enjoying our Ironman Mattress.
Harvey and Rana - Victoria BC

July 2015
Prior to purchasing the Ironman mattress, I had been sleeping on mattresses that perpetuated increasing pain in my hips and lower back. It has taken 6 months for the benefits of the lronman mattress to manifest themselves . I now get out of bed with very little stiffness and no soreness.

Don G. - Qualicum Beach
July 2015

I brought my lronman Mattress and Box Spring about 4 months ago. Since then, when I go to bed I fall asleep immediately and don’t wake up during the night to reposition myself to get comfortable.Iwake up in the morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated because of a good sleep.
JIll L. - Qualicum Beach
July 29, 2015
We just love our new Iron Mattress. It is cool in the hot weather and the service was excellent.

Katarine Lebow - Parksville
April 21, 2015

I purchased my Ironman bed on March 13/15. I have slept so well since then. My arthritis seems to have improved. No waking up to achy hips. Highly recommend the bed. The service from M&N was also great.Josie Newman, Qualicum Beach
April 12, 2014

I’ve had mattresses that caused me to wake up early with the need to get up and stretch the kinks out of my sore back and hips. However, with my Ironman mattress, I find myself settling in, falling asleep quickly and I awake refreshed with no aches or pains! What a pleasure!

Ron M.
April 21, 2015

I fell in love with my natural mattress the night it arrived! We can never be parted, I don’t know how I lived without it before!! A god send for sure!!

ThanksCarrie Knerr, Qualicum Beach

April 25, 2015

Every night when I get into bed I think to myself how comfortable this bed is and how good it feels to relax into it and go to sleep. I also sleep very well and wake up refreshed with no stiffness or sore spots.Grace Key - Qualicum Beach B.C.
April 10, 2015

Our bed took us several months to get used to. At first it was much too firm. Now every morning I make it, I tell the bed I can’t wait to get back to bed.Fran Primrose - Victoria
April 21, 2015

I purchased my T3 mattress at a Health Show in Victoria BC on January 26, 2014.

I love it. I don’t have a sore back anymore as I did with my previous mattress. It doesn’t get hot, plus I get a sound sleep. I also like the fact that it supports and cradles the body, relieving pressure points. The other perks for purchasing this mattress are: Dust Mite Resistant, Mold and Mildew Resistant, plus a 20 Year Warranty. It’s the best mattress I have ever owned. I highly recommend it.

The staff are fantastic and extremely knowledgeable.Darlene Lawson - Victoria

April 15, 2015

I purchased my IRONMAN mattress package at the Home Show. My back had been bothering me quite a bit at the time and I knew I needed a new quality bed (even though my current bed at the time was less than a year old). I have to say this bed & pillow are wonderful and I love them. They both provide delicious comfort and support – no more waking up with a sore back (seriously!). I also love the fact that there is absolutely NO off gassing smells and I find this very comforting as well.*

*I highly recommend the IRONMAN mattress.*Marion, Victoria, BC

April 21, 2015

Approximately 1 year ago we purchased a Queen sized Ironman 3.0 Original mattress c/w adjustable base. We are delighted with the bed and the fact that it is dropped nicely into our existing teak frame. My wife loves propping herself up to watch TV before going to sleep! The mattress is so comfortable! Delivery was on time as promised- not a do-it-yourself job. Thanks.Ivan & Pat, Richmond
April 2015
Mark was helpful and informative. Having the IRONMAN beds has improved my wife’s and my sleeping tremendously. We look forward to going to bed after a days work in the garden when our bodies are aching as we know our bodies will be refreshed after sleeping in the IRONMAN beds.

Steve & Ruth Thistle -Parksville, BC
April 2015
We have had our IRONMAN Mattress now for nearly two years. During this time we have travelled extensively and each time I cannot wait to get back to my own IRONMAN bed. The mattress is very comfortable and quiet – no waking of each other for “nature’s calls” in the night as you get up. I feel very refreshed in the morning. The minor aches and pains felt on going to bed have disappeared in the morning. I like to know that at least on this mattress there are no bed bugs (as there was on my travels). I also LOVE the fact that I don’t ever again have to “turn” the mattress.

Noren Conway - Qualicum Beach
I am a 45 year old woman who until 4 years ago worked 60 hours a week in the hospitality industry, when I was devastated to be diagnosed with MS. 2 years ago I was hit with a major MS attack that took away my mobility & doubled my pain. I spent the next 2 years in & out of the hospital. Since being home I hadn’t been able to sleep in my expensive pillow top as well as having MS I also have degenerate disc disease so the pain would be unbelievable so much so I was sleeping in a lawn chair. A friend… an amazing friend told me about the Ironman mattress & benefits of the Ironman Recovery Mattress. From the 1st night I slept better & longer than I have in 4 years. I wake up refreshed (thank heavens or I’d never leave my bed.) My pain is under control & physiotherapists have noticed my legs getting stronger everyday as well as my upper body. I have the adjustable queen size bed with the Ironman mattress & it is amazing!!! Couldn’t recommend it more. I have told my friends about it & all that come over have to lie on it so they can see & feel how amazing it is. The staff are amazing also from the owner right on to the courteous delivery men. This is an amazing product for healing and an amazing company to do business with.Karen Schoen - New Westminister
July 23, 2015
It’s been a real pleasure to sleep on my new lronman Recovery Mattress. It helps me a great deal with pressure points and arthritis issues. The adjustable base allows me to elevate my upper body to alleviate problems with a hiatus hernia and the acid reflux that goes with that. I have had substantial relief from that problem since purchasing this new bed. We do spend a great deal of time sleeping and whatever we can do to make that sleep more restful is worth the money spent to achieve it.
I want to also mention that the customer service from M&N Mattress Shop went above and beyond most businesses that I have dealt with.

It’s been a pleasure to support one of our outstanding local businesses. I would highly recommend the lronman Recovery Mattress and the adjustable base to anyone who suffers from the usual aches and pains of aging. You will definitely get a better nights sleep!

A very satisfied Parksville Senior
Gabrielle Barker - Parksville

June 2015
Top Notch Service before and after the sale and great sleeps

G. Keel - Nanaimo
April 19, 2014

We purchased your Ironman bed approximately three years ago, correction… two beds to be exact… never have we regretted this purchase. The bed is the most comfortable, total support, not unwanted pressure points, it just seems to float with you as you move throughout the night… one fact that still amazes us is that it never feels cold but more that a warmth emits from it, lovely when you first retire! We totally recommend this bed and have already sent people to M&N and I am one who suffers from arthritis in back and hips and feel that I get a better sleep on this mattress than any other one I have had in the past 10 years!

I might add that the service was 100% and the staff were more than helpful, thank-you…Barb F. & Ernie P.
February 21, 2014

I am a senior and for a number of years have suffered from senious health problems including a trans-tibial amputation, osteoporosis and degenerative discs.

After I purchased my Ironman mattress, I noticed a reduction in my pain level and soreness. My mattress is very comfortable and has improved my sleep quality.

I found the in-store staff to be very knowledgeable and pleasant and the delivery men extremely accommodating.

I highly recommend the Ironman mattress and the M&N Mattress Shop in Parksville.Gina G. - Nanaimo, BC

April 25, 2015

It was a very good experience purchasing my Ironman 3.0 Original Mattress with low profile base. Knowledgeable staff, no pressure. Trust their product so it reflects on their service. I would recommend them anytime.C. Spohr - Qualicum Beach
April 25, 2015

We have had our Ironman bed nearly year now and it is the most comfortable bed we have ever slept on. We miss it if we have to sleep away from home!

We had great service at M&N Mattress. They are very friendly, very knowledgeable and thorough. They answered all the questions we had and made sure we knew exactly what we were getting.

We like to shop locally and we are very glad we did.George & Diana Cameron - Qualicum Beach B.C.
April 21, 2015

M&N Mattress is a fantastic store. It is much more than just a mattress store. It is family owned and operated business with exceptional service. My family and I have shopped here for years now & will continue for many more. Thank you M&N.Joyce Nylan, Parksville
April 10, 2015

We love the Ironman 2.0 Queen Mattresses (Split queen) with 400 split queen adjustable bases but are not yet using it fully, although it helped recently very much for my husband when he had to sleep sitting for several days. I am also enjoying the head raise when having to sleep on my back. I expect we will use it even more as we age.

Thank you for having it available.Name withheld at customers request. Parksville

April 21, 2015

Enjoy the mattress very much. Haven’t been able to sleep on my back in a very long time. Now it’s very comfortable.Ken & Lorelle Phillips, Qualicum Beach
April 21, 2015

Thank you M&N Mattress Shop for advising us on the wonderful sleeping and healing benefits of “Ironman” mattress set. I purchased the Ironman for my 17 year old daughter who has been struggling with lower back pain for the past two years. Within a month of great sleeps, she no longer requires her pain medication for sleep. She feels so much better and well rested. She was immediately able to sleep nights. Something she has not been able to do for a couple of years.

I am so happy for her and thanks to all the wonderful people at M&N Mattress Shop.Anita Cook, Parksville

April 21, 2015

We love our bed! Worth every penny for all the features which provide us with excellent relaxation and sleep, every night.Hilary Mackey & Lawrence Surges, Victoria
April 12, 2015

The IRONMAN 2.0 Original Queen Set is the best mattress we have ever had.T. & P. Knezacek - Parksville
April 10, 2015

Wonderful customer service. Love my IRONMAN T 3.3 Original Twin XL Mattress!Bob Yates - Parksville
April 10, 2015

We are senior citizens, each with an array of back issues. We purchased our IRONMAN MATTRESS over two years ago after watching an in store video.

It continues to provide us with a high degree of comfort as we both sleep more soundly through the night with little or no tossing or turning. We love our IRONMAN MATTRESSP. Thompson - Parksville

April 10, 2015

I am extremely happy with my IRONMAN 3.0 Queen Set! Even with all the positive information I received prior to purchase, I was still very surprised at what an incredible difference this mattress made to my overall comfort and sleep quality right from the very first night! Because I am physically active in outdoor sports I often experienced restless nights with aching muscles and joints with my previous mattress. My IRONMAN MATTRESS has made an incredible difference in this regard, enabling me to sleep comfortably, waking refreshed and raring to go again.E. Hunter - Victoria
April 8, 2015

I have suffered for years with back issues. Since we purchased the Ironman T3.3 Recovery Mattress Queen Set, I have slept better and have not woken with a sore back. I wish I had found this mattress years ago.Marilyn Hirschfield - Parksville, BC
October 3, 2014

I love my Ironman bed!!

Since I bought my bed I’ve had comfort from the very first night. I use to take pain pills either at night or morning, for the pain I had in my hip. Since the very 1st night “no” more pain “no” more pills!! I sleep right through the night, my sleep is so much more peaceful. I’m completely sold on my Ironman bed. Like the old saying “I sleep like a baby!!”

P.S. I wish I would of bought my bed sooner!! Gail Wilson

November 21, 2014

Al and I love our new Ironman Recovery mattress. We both feel we are having our best sleep ever! We have felt an overall improvement in our jogging and in my gym workouts. We are feeling much more rested and energetic. We also love our new celliant latex pillows. We don’t want to sleep on anything else! We want to thank Neelam and her staff for introducing us to the Ironman mattress and pillow and for their great service.Al & Sally Brett
February 22, 2014

I Norman have slept like a baby since we purchased the mattress. It’s great.

I Phyllis had a very bad fall just before we purchased the mattress. I do believe it helps me a lot – I can’t wait at night to go to bed.Phyllis & Norman G.

March 20, 2014

Thank you SO much for my new Ironman Bed M&N Mattress… the first night U slept so much better – I have had problems sleeping for the past couple of years and wake up with aches and pain… I know am sleeping through the night and wake up with NO pain! The service I received was amazing… friendly staff, the guys that set up the bed were terrific… Again thank you Mark and Neelam – everyone should check out this bed.Virginia – Victoria, BC
September 19, 2014

I purchased my Ironman bed three years ago after waking up one time too many with an aching back from sleeping on a sagging mattress. I have slept better and have not woken with a sore back since my first night’s sleep on this bed.

The mattress is inviting and comfortable and always the right temperature.

I love my IRONMAN bed.Maria P.

February 28, 2014

This new mattress and pillow has improved my sleep a lot.Louise E.
February 26, 2014

We are so pleased with our purchase of our Ironman Bed. Best bed we have ever had, no waking up in the morning with joint pain, and no waking up during the night, because of pain. The mattress is so supportive and very comfortable.

We were also pleased with the friendly and helpful service from the staff in the Mattress Shop.Peter & Jill Cornford

November 4, 2013

Denis phoned in to say:

Absolutely happy with the mattress (Ironman.) Mattress is cool in summer and delightfully warm in winter.Dennis & Joy B.

October 17, 2013

After a month of sleeping on a new mattress, I developed a burning, aching, sensation around my hips. In desperation I decided to try an Ironman mattress. To my complete amazement, one night on that mattress cleared up my discomfort. I feel so relieved. I can’t thank the makers of this incredible mattress enough.Josanne E.
January 16, 2012

We have found that using the T3-3 Ironman Recovery Mattress we are no longer forced to sleep in one position. We have also found that we seem to be getting a more restful sleep. While we were away over Christmas, we didn’t sleep as well and were looking forward to returning home for a decent sleep.Wally & Nancy T.
January 9, 2012

We have only had our mattress for a short period of time and we are sleeping better, less discomfort at night, and more energy during the day.Garry & Jewel F.
January 15, 2012

We are really happy with our T3 Ironman Recovery mattress. Lizz is diabetic and she has noticed that she sleep a lot better.

Also we find the mattress really comfortable to sleep on – it supports the body really lightly and it does not create uncomfortable pressure points.

The service by M&N staff was excellent – we were very pleased.Ben & Lizz Lomheim

Before my Ironman bed, I dreaded the pain and stiffness that plagued me each morning. I never want to be without my Ironman bed.

As a bonus, the special pillow I bought from M&N Mattress Shop has lessened my headaches and relieved the stress in my neck area.Bev & Hoki

We are a couple in our early 60’s, both of us having had serious injuries during our lifetime. We thought it was normal for us to have pain every day of our lives, and difficulty sleeping because of it. After experiencing the healing power of the Ironman Recovery Mattress, we have changed our minds. The very first night on this mattress was proof enough to us that we had made the right choice. Like many others, we tend to work hard, both physically and mentally. Having a restful sleep at night after night enables us to start our day full of energy and vigor. This is a mattress that seems to just cradle and support your body like no other. We highly recommend this sleep system for anyone who wants a healthy, pain-free sleep.

Many thanks to the M & N Mattress Shop in Parksville for their great service and a great product.Audrey & Chris R. - Parksville, BC

We are so pleased with our purchase of our ‘Ironman Bed’. Best bed we have ever had, no waking up in the morning with joint pain, and no waking up during the night, because of pain. The mattress is so supportive and very comfortable.

We were also pleased with the friendly and helpful service from the staff in the mattress shop.Peter & Jill Conford

Hello Sukh,
Thank you for your follow up!
We are very happy with the new mattresses. Purchase of these was a long time undertaking, which included visiting your store some two years before and keeping it in mind!
In early December, one severe cold and some days in bed; resulted in a terrible sore back side and I promised myself to do something about it. Hence the purchase of your IRONMAN MATTRESSES.
Me and my wife have some long time ailments in shoulder and neck. Due to the new mattress and pillow we both experience the disappearance of pain. Not just by laying down ,but also during the daytime.
So, something was wrong with our former bedding and IRONMAN must be better! My preferred place to read a book is now my bed – lay on my back and let the body relax.
My wife sleeps much better, with only the one new IRONMAN pillow! Before that she used several different pillows and was often unruly because of neck discomfort!
Well, thank you for the good product, we will watch its consistency and keep you posted.Regards, Daniel & Verena Krebs
I recently purchased an Ironman Bed from M & N Mattress in Parksville. I was so excited after talking with the staff and reading all about the benefits of sleeping on this mattress. With all new technology and thought put into developing a mattress to help people sleep better and help with health issues intrigued me so I made the decision to buy one. I will admit the first few nights I slept on my bed. I was not too happy I found it very hard and was not sure how I felt about keeping it. After about a week I noticed something. I was waking up refreshed and with no pain…. Now after owning this bed and sleeping like a baby every night I can not say enough and would highly recommend anyone to get your self a good night sleep by purchasing an Ironman bed. I will also say the outstanding service from M & N Mattress and their guarantee goes a long way.Sincerely Jan Spink.
We have been sleeping on a T3.2 Ironman mattress for about two months, and it has dramatically changed our lives for the better. My husband has a serious heart problem, and hasn’t slept well for years. I experienced hip and leg pain and, like my husband, seldom enjoyed a good night’s sleep. Now we both sleep through most nights, and I am no longer in pain. The funny thing is we spend less time in bed, but are more refreshed. We highly recommend the Ironman mattress to anyone who suffers from sleep discomfort.Lynda W. - Parksville
I am in my late 40’s and was in a MVA last year. As a result I had a lot of pain in my lower lumbar and have suffered with great pain in my hip. I have been taking physic, and pain meds with very little improvement in pain level.

Since purchasing my Ironman mattress I have noticed improved sleep, and a recduction in my pain level. The mattress is so comfortable and I find the best for me is to take rest breaks during the day, I don’t want to get up as my pain is greatly reduced on here. The in store staff are very knowledgable & pleasant. Lets you take your time in deciding which mattress is best for you. I highly recommend the Ironman mattress and the M&N Mattress Shop in Parksville to my family and friends.Georgina G.

To M&N Mattress Shop:

I just want to thank you for your great service, and staying true to have a comfort exchange. We weren’t totally happy with the feel of our 1st mattress, and Mark from M&N Mattress Shop said, “no problem, just come in and pick out a new one that suits you better.” So I went into M&N and Mark told me that nobody should be sleeping on anything but the Ironman Mattresses, and that they do not have body impressions like other mattresses and will benefit, my wife to recover faster from her leg surgery. Everything Mark said about the Ironman Mattress and about how it would change the way we sleep and help my wife recover faster was not exaggerated at all. It’s the best sleep we’ve ever had, my wife is up and around, and I don’t sleep hot anymore. Also, the bed has no body impressions at all. Thank you for the great service and advising me to purchase the Ironman Mattress. Only thing is, with the 20 year warranty, I’m not going to need another mattress for 20 years. Keep up the good work and service, and we’ll be recommending all of our friends and family to M&N, and to definitely choose the Ironman Mattress. If any of your customers want to talk to me, you have my number and permission for them to call, but not while I’m sleeping.Manfred and Anita Schmidt

I am once again enjoying a good night’s sleep thanks to our new Ironman bed. No more waking up too hot and not being able to go back to sleep. No more sore aching legs that keep me awake for hours.

At first I was worried because the bed felt much firmer than I was used to but unlike other firm beds, it supports without making the body ache. It holds me comfortably and with no stress places.

I had reached a point with our old bed where I dreaded going to bed because I knew I would lie there for hours and grow more and more uncomfortable. I thought for the longest time that it was just me and that I had become a poor sleeper. I am so glad that we thought we might try a new mattress.

Wow! It is a different night’s sleep that’s for sure. I am not a poor sleeper after all and I feel great every morning… it does take me a little longer to get out of bed though because I am just so comfortable.Jennifer – Nanoose

October 2016

It is without a doubt the number 1 bed of its type. It has a finite range of adjustment and a superior Ironman Mattress. I like the controller device because it lights up at night so I can see the control buttons. It functions quietly so as not to disturb others asleep. For people who spend $60,000.00 to buy an automobile they should reconsider their bed which they occupy 5 times more than a short while in a car.Jack Biickert - Parksville B.C

August 2016

Such a delight to wake up without a cramp in my back!
I should have bought the Ironman Recovery Mattress years ago.Wendy Ingham - Qualicum Beach B.C.

July 2016

We love our new mattress and pillows.
Having been away travelling this past year we felt like royalty sleeping on our new Ironman mattress.
This is most comfortable bed we have ever slept on and are feeling well rested each morning.Sheila & Carlos - Lantzville B.C.

July 2016

My experience with my Ironman Recovery Mattress had been excellent! The initial mattress was slightly too hard and the staff at WR Mattress (Raman) suggested to go with a “soft” one. It is excellent and I always get an excellent sleep. I really appreciate the technical support I received to make sure I had the right mattress.

WR Mattress is a first class organization and their staff are friendly and genuinely are dedicated to making sure their customers are happy. WELL DONE!

I would recommend the Ironman Mattress to anyone

Thank you,Tom Kaufmann, South Surrey BC

July 2016

We love our Ironman mattress. We both have had comfortable sleeps since changing to this mattress. in combination with the foam pillows neither of us had any further problems with our neck.
Thanks again for the information you provided. We like being informed consumers.
Irvine & Linda - Coquitlam, BC
July 2016

To Raman–Mark.

We first bought a queen size bed , but after breaking my right shoulder we needed a King size .We are enjoying the benefits of the Ironman Recovery mattress and pillows , experiencing a wonderful sleep , as they say , just what the Doc ordered. Thanks for your interest in explaining to us in detail , your help and cooperation was much appreciated.
Gail and Bob Walton - Surrey, BC

June 2016

Hi Raman @ WR Mattress Gallery

Thank you for your excellent service on the purchase of an Ironman Recovery Mattress on February 13,2016. It has been now four months of sleeping on my Recovery Mattress. My Health has improved tremendously. I have deeper core breathing and better posture. At 80 years old, I am grateful to be healthy and active. The same day delivery and setup service was bonus as well. I needed a New Bed and found it at your store. God bless all of you.Jean Earle - White Rock BC.

June 2016

We have now had our Ironman Mattress for about 6 weeks. Sleeping on the Ironman has greatly reduced pressure on our backs and hips, and we are not as restless during the night. It also seems to have alleviated a great deal of the morning back pain. Both of us are sleeping better. Sukh made our shopping experience very pleasant. He was knowledgeable, sympathetic and very helpful. Thank you M&N Mattress Shop and all your wonderful staff, who made shopping for a new mattress an easy and stress-free experience.Jack & Debbie Lawrence, Parksville, BC
June 2016
My wife and I are very glad we purchased our IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS from M&N Mattress Shop in Parksville B.C. The mattress made a significant difference to our lives and well-being. We are in our seventies and appreciate the new degree of comfort and health. The mattress is very comfortable and conforming to the contours of our bodies and supporting us as we rest. We get to sleep right away, and when we have to rise during the night we fall back asleep instantly.

In addition, we never seem to become too warm or too cold, enjoying an equable temperature as well as comfortable and sound slumber.

A word of praise is due to Sukh and the staff at M&N Mattress Shop for the service both before and after sale was impeccable. Sukh very patiently allowed us to try various styles and degrees of firmness of the mattresses, then come to our home to offer measurements and décor suggestions. Delivery was prompt and efficient. Further service continues, for at regular intervals a member of the staff comes to the house to turn the mattress for us free of charge.

All in all we are delighted with our Ironman Mattress and with the excellent service from M&N Mattress Shop.
Raymond Grant, Parksville B.C.

April 2016
My quality of sleep is much improved since we’re sleeping in our new IRONMAN bed. Since I’ve developed fibromyalgia, I’ve had a lot of pain in the morning due to the pressure of springs on my hips and shoulders. This problem has totally disappeared with our new bed. I love it and I sleep more soundly & go back to sleep a lot faster if I do awaken at night. I am so grateful we have gotten to experience this bed. I can look forward to many years of great sleep quality.
Carmen Tellier, Parksville BC
April 2016
Hi, my name is Mike Bourcier, I am 68 years old. I started running and doing triathlons at 60. I am now fully committed to long distance Trail running commonly called ULTRAS. As my running regimen is very demanding, I experience a fair amount of muscle fatigue. For years, my recovery have often been difficult, especially after stacking the kilometres day after day, 5 days a week. I bought the IRONMAN recovery mattress after it was recommended by several athletes’ friends. After a few weeks, I noticed that I had much better sleeps and, most importantly, I could get out of bed in the morning, not feeling like and old man, no stiffness, no aches or pain. I firmly believe that it is the combination of the firm LATEX top layer which adapt to you body and you feel no pressure points at all and the CELLIANT infused in the bed that makes tissue regenerations in oxygen so effective. I also chose a bed with adjustable upper and lower body angle adjustments which is an added bonus.

I am a fitness trainer and I recommended the IRONMAN bed to several clients and always had nothing but positive results with athletes and with people with specific physical challenges or those going through recovery after major joints surgery.Mike Bourcier, Parksville, BC

January 2016
In the course of a lifetime one has many various experiences whiles shopping. What a joy and relief to have such a one where I experience my needs being met. The salesman and delivery man were friendly, efficient and applied their knowledge appropriately. I was respected and learned about mattresses thus enabling me to have a wider deeper appreciation of what is involved in my decision. The evidence of having made a wise choice is in the sleeping – and I am sleeping so very well.Judy Gary, Nanoose Bay
January 2016
As I was a nurse, caring for my own body is as important to me and caring for folks others body. I have had our Ironman Mattress for less than a week; in addition to my sleeping very well, today I received objective evidence of its benefits to me. While my chiropractor was working on me, she said, “What are you doing different. For the first time in 5 months your pelvis is level.” I was delighted and said the only different is I am sleeping on an Ironman Mattress – got it 5 days ago. She enthusiastically agree that would account of the pelvis becoming level.Donna Harvey, Nanoose Bay
Dec 2015
Adjustable Base aids breathing, Ironman Mattress aids all pressure areas. Provides comfort and a better sleep.
Lana & Harvey Schweitzman, Victoria
Dec 2015
It suits us very well. The reason that we changed mattresses was I broke my hip and our old spring filled mattress was not suitable.Bob and Beulah Williams, Parksville
Dec 2015
In the course of a lifetime one has many various experiences whiles shopping. What a joy and relief to have such a one where I experience my needs being met. The salesman and delivery man were friendly, efficient and applied their knowledge appropriately. I was respected and learned about mattresses thus enabling me to have a wider deeper appreciation of what is involved in my decision. The evidence of having made a wise choice is in the sleeping – and I am sleeping so very well.
Judy Gary, Nanoose Bay
Dec 2015
We believed you! It is well we did as our sleeps have much improved – once we found the best angle for our heads – no more gerd and arthritis is also better and snoring is almost a thing of the past!
Thank you!
Marge & Manley La Foy, Parksville
Dec 2015
Hi, My husband and I purchased an Ironman Mattress from M and N in Parksville last month. Three days ago we finally moved into our new house in the Oceanside area. After the chaos of moving we finally went to bed and it was a PLEASURE to sleep on the Ironman Mattress for the first time. The staff at M and N mattress are great and we could use more of this kind of service everywhere here on beautiful Vancouver Island.

Thanks M and N for enhancing our new home experience!
Catherine MacFarlane

Dec 2015
Since purchasing the Ironman Mattress my lower back isn’t as pain full when I wake up in the morning. I am sleeping through the night feeling more rested. The latex pillow has great neck support.Peter Feleki, Qualicum Beach
Dec 2015
Since day one after receiving our Ironman Recovery Mattress I can now sleep on both sides and not wake up in agony. I can finally say that I have had a good rest full sleep.
Robert Tellier, Parksville
Dec 2015
We love our new bed, Randy and I have no more back pain and my pain is gone.
HAPPY DAY!!Debbie McCartney, Tofino
Dec 2015
We have never had such a sound sleep in years on our Ironman Recovery Mattress. It was delivered on time in a perfect condition. The wrist bands are great.

Thank you,

Dave and Marion Griffith, Parksville BC

Dec 2015
We love our new Ironman Mattress! Sleeping very well, no morning stiffness. Good restful sleep. Appreciate the good service from M&N Mattress ShopKen & Lorna Curdie
Nov. 13th 2015

We purchased on Ironman bed about 2 months ago and we are very pleased with it. It is very comfortable and we don’t feel any “pressure points”. I can now sleep on my back which is new to me. The best this about this bed is that it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals as other beds do and I feel better knowing that our time (8 hours per day) is in a non-toxic environment!
Thank you M&N for promoting an environmentally friendly product.
Pam C. - Parksville, BC
Nov. 16th 2015

We bought Queen Size IRONMAN MATTRESS a couple of months ago. It was one of the bed investments we have made. It is comfortable and healthy. No more tossing and turning. We awake refreshed and restored. It was a referral from a friend that created the interest. Thanks to her and to M&N Mattress Shop Ltd.
Nida W - Parksville, BC
Nov 16th 2015

The mattress is great. Helped a great deal with my back problems and acid reflux problem. Service was also very good.
Robert Gervais - Parksville, BC
Nov 16th 2015

Enjoying the bed. Customer service great. Friends in Alberta loved it and will be buying in the near future.
G. & C. French - Parksville, BC
Nov. 16th 2015

The massage puts me to sleep so quickly. I am unaware when it shuts off. I got a good night’s sleep without waking up every couple hours.
Sue Granacher - Nanoose Bay
Nov. 16th 2015

We definitely needed a new mattress and this one is terrific. Both of us are enjoying the best sleeps ever.
Duncan - Coombs
Nov. 16th 2015

I definitely don’t get pressure points like I did with previous mattresses. Much better sleep.
T.R. Whitfield - Qualicum Beach
Nov 16th 2015
No more backaches. A full night’s sleep. Totally rested in the morning.
Joe Granacher - Nanoose Bay
Nov. 16th 2015

Barb and I want to say how much we appreciate the sales and services of Sukh, Neelam and Mark. I was needing a new bed because of serious health issues with my back. We brought the IRONMAN KING SIZE MATTRESS in the hope of getting better sleeps.
However, the first mattress we purchased was too hard for us. Thanks o the policy of M&N Mattress Shop we were able to return our original mattress and upgrade to a softer more appropriate mattress for us both. There was no hesitation on the part of Sukh or Mark to help us out especially given my medical problem. They were kind enough to discount our upgrade and have a new mattress to us as quickly as possible.
Our experience with M&N has been very positive from the perspective of sales, service and quality of product. As well, we were very pleased to be able to shop locally.
Thank you Sukh, Mark and Neelam for your wonderful support and compassion.

Rich & Barb Campbell - Parksville, BC
Nov 6th 2015

We love the mattress thus far. I’m waiting to see if the “foam” gets lumpy over time. (Hope not; too pricey for that). A bit harder to change the sheets, as it is a heavy mattress. We’ve always slept well so the difference may not be as dramatic as with other folk. Our sleep is restful – no achiness in the morning.
Don Clarke & Clara Cauduro - Port Alberni
Nov 2015

I purchased my Ironman Mattress from Mark and Neelam, after trying the bed a few times at the Qualicum Beach Home Show, as well as speaking with Mark about the benefits of the bed. I have now used the mattress for a little over a month, and I am starting to notice some of the positive benefits, such as reduced soreness from sports related injuries, and a more consistent sleep throughout the night. I would definitely recommend the bed to anyone who asked, and believe it is an investment in your overall health.
David Flooker, Qualicum Beach

August 2015

What an amazing bed! The Ironman Recovery Mattress is exceptionally comfortable and delivers a blissful, pain-free sleep. I love my adjustable model which raises the head and foot of the bed. This is especially helpful if your are an avid reader who enjoys a good mystery and a cup of tea in bed with two ragdoll cats purring in unison at the foot.
I would highly recommend this bed to anyone with sleep issues or anyone wanting an excellent nights sleep.
Thank you!

Best Bed Ever!
Lois Johnstone - Qualicum Beach, BC
July 2015
We have been sleeping better at times and not disturbing each other when we leave the bed and return.

Norman & Margaret Waterhouse - Parksville
July 2015
We purchased an lronman Mattress Assembly in early May 2015. We were very pleased with the prices and Service we received. Having slept on the lronman for just over 2 months, we have found to have a more restful sleep. We are not interrupted by waking up frequently as we were on our old mattress. We have also experienced less body aches.

We are very pleased with lronman and M&N.

John & Carole Cash - Parksville, BC
August 2015

Within 3 nights sleeping on my Ironman Mattress my chronic lower back pain disappeared and has not returned.

Rick Price - Ladysmith

August 2015

The mattress is wonderful. Firm but soft, if that makes any sense. The hip that was bothering my husband is less troublesome now.
Lorraine Brown - Nanaimo

May 2015
My experience at M&N Mattress Shop was inviting and friendly. I felt welcome from when I arrived until I left. I put my trust in the hands of the educated salesman to provide me with the best recovery system fit for my body type.
I can say that I am not disappointed with the bed they recommended. The delivery went well past my expectations in the terms of efficiency, kindness and courtesy. I would recommend anyone to M&N Mattress Shop!

Matthew Muller - Parksville
April 25, 2015

Mark was helpful and informative. Having the IRONMAN beds has improved my wife’s and my sleeping tremendously. We look forward to going to bed after a day’s work in the garden when our bodies are aching as we know our bodies will be refreshed after sleeping in the IRONMAN beds.

Highly recommended!Steve & Ruth Thistle - Parksville B.C.
April 21, 2015

The bed is terrific! We love it. Service was exceptional! Delivery was on time and courteous. We will be back as customers and have recommended you to family and friends.Marilyn Gregson, Nanaimo
April 15, 2015

I purchased my IRONMAN mattress package at the Home Show. My back had been bothering me quite a bit at the time and I knew I needed a new quality bed (even though my current bed at the time was less than a year old). I have to say this bed & pillow are wonderful and I love them. They both provide delicious comfort and support – no more waking up with a sore back (seriously!). I also love the fact that there is absolutely NO off gassing smells and I find this very comforting as well.*

*I highly recommend the IRONMAN mattress.*Marion, Victoria, BC

April 10, 2015

We purchased our IRONMAN T 3.1 Queen Set four years ago. We are very happy with it. It looks and feels like it’s still a new mattress. I have recommended you to two of my friends that were looking for a new mattress. They purchased one of your IRONMAN MATTRESSES and are very pleased also.Shirley Picard - Nanoose Bay
April 10, 2015

We are very happy with the purchase of our IRONMAN 3.0 Original King Set. The most impressive feature is sleeping the whole night without disturbing each other. It has greatly improved our sleep quality and duration. We recommend this mattress to all our friends and family.A&C Worthing - Victoria
April 10, 2015

I do enjoy my IRONMAN ORIGINAL Twin Set and I have not had a sore back when I wake up in the morning. It took about 2 to 3 months to get these results.Anita Milburn - Nanaimo
April 8, 2015

M & N Mattress

My husband and I purchased the King Size IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS. We both have been waking up with sore backs for years, even though we had what we thought was a high quality mattress. We were a bit skeptical at first, but realize this mattress really does live up to it’s reviews. We are grateful we purchased it and have had great sleeps…with no more back pain.Lynn & Dave Mc Naught - Nanaimo, BC

April 21, 2015

Friends raved about their Ironman mattress after we told them we were looking to buy a new one for our adjustable bed. We found M&N Mattress Shop sells them, so we checked them out, bought one the same day and have not regretted our purchase. The mattress gives good support and we have found we both sleep much better since getting it about a year ago. Our daughter and son-in-law bought one on our recommendation and also love theirs. Thank you for great service- changing old for new and getting rid of the old one for us.Mike and Tina Hanlon, Parksville
April 21, 2015

Allow me to provide you with a short endorsement of the Ironman adjustable bed and mattress. Without question, it is the best bed and mattress we have owned. The bed adjustment mechanism is simple, offers many options and the mattress is the most comfortable. There is a drawback however, you “don’t want to get out” of this bed. As for the dealership, it’s just plain wonderful to deal with.Alain & Nancy Monette, Nanaimo
April 8, 2015

At M&N Mattress Shop we were served by the best and purchased the best at less than the best price. We were and are amazed.Earl & Betty Johnson - Nanaimo, BC
April 8, 2015

We love our IRONMAN T3.1 RECOVERY MATTRESS Queen Set and tell all of our friends how much we love it.Muriel Bradley - Parksville, BC
April 4, 2015

We have never enjoyed anything as much as the bed which we bought from you. We don’t notice when one of us has a restless night as it doesn’t bother the other one. Best purchase we ever made.Erle & Vivian Stinson, Sidney
April 2015

My IRONMAN Mattress is excellent. I have never slept better in a very long while.

Thanks M&N MATTRESS Shop

Lise Lee - Parksville, BC
February 12th, 2015

3 years ago I struggled with 2 torn rotator cuffs, a broken ankle in 5 places, then a year ago found out I have a compression fracture in my back at L1. I have not slept more than 2 hours at a time and always woke up stiff and sore. Not a way to start a day. I bought my IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS from M&N Mattress Shop on January 7th, 2015. The first night I could not believe the sleep I had. I have waited a month to see how if any real change would occur. Now over a month and not once have I woken up sore or stiff and I sleep 5-6 hours at a time before waking up briefly and then going right back to sleep. They also set me up with “the pillow” with the same material. No more stiff neck either.

At the end of my day, I am sore, but I am now swimming twice a week and walking 2 to 4 KM every other day. I would not have been able to do this before I got my IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS.

At night I lie down and my back is relaxed within ½ hour and off to sleep for another wonderful night instead of dreading going to bed.


THANK YOU M&N !!!Sandra D. - Errington B.C.

Feb 19, 2015

We bought our Ironman mattress a couple months ago. I suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to my job. I see Phil regularly from Evolution Natural Therapy for the pain. He suggested I invest in this bed. I have noticed that I no longer wake up in the night due to pain. I can still sleep on my side as the mattress cradles to your body. My body temperature seems to be more constant and I am not waking up because of that. My partner as well notices he sleeps through the night now and feels very rested. I notice he doesn’t snore as bad as he use to. He used to wake me up. We are really happy we invested into the celliant system to increase the oxygen as we sleep. Close to retirement now, for me this was an investment into our health, and I am happy with it. Neelam took the time to explain and was very patient with us. We were very happy with the service and the setup of the bed. We haven’t had the bed for long but have recommended the bed to friends and family.Shelley LaCharite
April 25, 2015

My IRONMAN Mattress is excellent. I have never slept better in a very long while.

Thanks M&N MATTRESS ShopLise Lee - Parksville B.C.

Having recently moved to the Oceanside area into our new home, we were in the market for a new bed and a hide-a-bed for guests. The advertisement for “the bed in a box” from M&N Mattress Shop caught our attention, so we decided to pay them a visit. From the moment we stepped into the showroom we were warmly greeted and made to feel “at home.” The information we required was pleasantly explained in an interesting and informative manner. We appreciated the professional yet friendly way the staff handled our queries and needs. As a result, we not only purchased the two beds, but also a leather loveseat. The bed we chose for ourselves was the “Ironman” mattress due to the wonderful qualities it possesses. It truly has performed as advertised, and we highly recommend it to anyone interested in a quality mattress and can attest to the “recovery” to tired and sore muscles it provides by the next morning.Name withheld at customer's request
October 23, 2014

We purchased an Ironman Bed with the adjustable from about 1 year ago. We use it most nights in the Zero Gravity Position. Our sleep patterns have improved as in sleep more soundly and awakening less during the night. When we travel, we miss our Ironman bed and wake up with pain. If we ever move, Donna and I say it would be the most important thing we would take with us. Money well spent.Tim Andres- A+ Autoglass, Parksville & Donna Andres- Lady’s Mantle, Parksville
February 22, 2014

I am in my late 40’s and was in a MVA last year. As a result I had a lot of pain in my lower lumber and have suffered with greater trochanter pain in my hip. I have been taking physio, and pain meds with very little improvement in pain level. Since purchasing my Ironman mattress I have noticed improved sleep, and a reduction in my pain level. The mattress is so comfortable and I find the best for me is to take rest breaks during the day, I don’t work to get up as my pain is greatly reduced on here. The in store staff are very knowledgeable, pleasant. Lets you take your time in deciding which mattress is best for you. I highly recommend the Ironman mattress and the M & N Mattress shop in Parksville to my family and friends.Georgina G.
February 24, 2014

We bought an Ironman mattress from M&N in 2013. This mattress has been the best we’ve ever had. We both have a bit of arthritis and find we have fitful sleep and wake up refreshed with little pain. We had a small problem with our box spring, which M&N took care of within hours! Great after sales service. All in all an excellent investment in comfortable sleep.Doug & Donna H.
I used to wake up with sore back and neck. Since I slept on an Ironman mattress, I don’t any more. It’s so comfortable I don’t want to get out of bed. I don’t sleep hot anymore and there are no body impressions on the bed. I recommend the Ironman mattress to everyone.Roel J. Vanderbyl- Qualicum Beach
July 29, 2013

My husband and I were noticing more stiffness and joint aches in the morning; not an uncommon thing when reaching retirement age, but still not something to take without complaint. We decided to go bed shopping at M & N Mattress Shop in Parksville, BC. We inquired about the Ironman bed and Sukh gave us the background research and scientific information to support the claims of improved sleep and better overnight body recovery, we were intrigued. With the 200 day guarantee, there was no reason not to try it.

There was no overnight miracle, no awe struck moment of rejuvenation, but gradually over the next few months we felt better. Morning aches and stiffness were gone; we had a deep satisfying sleep, and more daytime energy. We were happy.

Several more months went by and we had forgotten what we felt like over 4 months. We had forgotten to the point where we now doubled ourselves. Were we really feeling that much better, or were we imagining it? How many more days before our 200 day guarantee was over? Should we keep the Ironman or exchange it for a regular good quality, but less expensive bed? Only way to decide was to perform an experiment!

We had a very good, high quality regular bed in our guest bedroom. We decided to sleep in the guest bedroom for a few days, on the regular bed, and see if we noticed a difference:

Night 1: bed felt comfortable, but we didn’t sleep well, thought maybe it was because of the room change, so didn’t put it down on the bed itself.

Night 2: Again didn’t sleep deeply, restless all night, woke up stiff and with some joint aches.

Night 3: Still not sleeping deeply, woke up with headache and joint stiffness, and hip joints ached.

Night 4: Still not sleeping deeply, aches and stiffness getting worse, feet hurt when first on floor, really missed our Ironman bed and decided experiment was over; we wanted to get back to our healthy bed.

Night 5: Back to Ironman, slept well, not restless at all, in the morning we felt more refreshed, our aches and stiffness gone again, more, more energy and no problem getting out of bed when feet hit the floor.

We proved to ourselves that the Ironman bed technology really worked for us. We were happy that we hadn’t been out of it long enough to have regressed to the health level we were at before getting our Ironman bed. It is really worth the minor additional cost for an Ironman, over a good quality regular mattress. What price could we put on our health, especially as we age, if it helps us stay healthy of mind and body longer, it is worth it! Will it help with our memory and cognition too, we think so, so ask us in 20 years! Anyway, I am sure the cost is less that what doctor visits, medications, and alternative medical treatments would be for all the aches and pains we no longer have. And would we enjoy life this much, I doubt it! We hate the thought of going away for any length of time; we would miss our bed too much. WE decided that if we do go away, we would at least take the pillow and mattress covers with us so we had some Ironman technology to take care of us wherever we are.Laura Greig
April 13, 2012

Dear Sir,

My wife and I have been married for over 56 years. During that time we have worn down and out many mattresses. Purchasing a new one always had to be an advance to satisfy our wellbeing. From cotton fibre filled, hand sewn, solid and valley creating bedding we ventured to inner steel spring boxes and felt covered ones and eventually these were better developed and lately cushion covered.

Then, finally we discovered this shop, where a mattress is offered with all the good qualities, which ensure a healthy sleep. Remarkably.

The statements to this fact from the salesman became the absolute truth after we had ZZZZed on for some time now.

As you can imagine, that we are well in our eighties and bothered by age occurring difficulties, but amazingly all these have all but disappeared and our energies are up and we can achieve our tasks.

You should blow a bigger horn, to let one and all know your product. CONGRATULATIONS.Cor & Marie Landman.

Before my Ironman bed, I dreaded the pain and stiffness that plagued me each morning. I never want to be without my Ironman bed.

As a bonus, the special pillow I bought from M&N Mattress Shop has lessened my headaches and relieved the stress in my neck area.Bev & Hoki Davis

October 17, 2012

Two months ago we purchased an Ironman Mattress & it has made such a difference in our lives. We both have back issues & neuropathy, which in the past has made it very difficult for me to fall asleep. I now fall asleep so much faster & we both wake up feeling so much better. We recently went away for a week & had a very hard time sleeping & could not wait to get home to our Ironman Mattress. There is nothing better than getting a good nights sleep. WE have recommended this mattress to all of our friends and faPat- Surrey, BC
April 7, 2012

What is the best sleep you have imagined you could ever have? Completely relaxing, comfortable, not too hard and not too soft, all in one… That is what Ironman does for you. I couldn’t be more pleased with the good night’s rest I get with my new Ironman… Thank youMerle Taylor
February 28, 2012

I have been suffering from lower back pain since I had a car accident in 2009. I tried a couple of mattresses and various types of message therapies; unfortunately, none of them were very effective.

I have been shopping around for a good mattress and got a chance to speak with Mr. Mark Nagra at the M & N Mattress shop in Parksville.

Mr. Nagra was very professional and he suggested me to buy a mattress with a newly developed technology called “Ironman Mattress.”

He did not force me or try to sell this product, but he simply explained to me how this technology works. I was really happy with his knowledge about this product / mattress and explanation how this technology was developed and how this product works.

So I ended up buying this mattress from him and did not regret it. This product “Ironman” mattress really works for me as I am able to sleep properly without much hassle in the night.

I strongly recommend to whoever is looking for a new mattress and not able to sleep due to the back pain / LOWER BACK PAIN. I think you should visit MARK’S SHOP and ask him for the explanation about this new technology or watch the video in the store.

This is my personal experience and I thank Mr. Nagra for his expertise in this matter.

Please feel free to call me if you have any questions; I can be reached at 256-751-3915. Vanit(Vinnie)Kumar Good To Go Appraisals - Nanaimo

January 20, 2012

When you play 162 games of baseball a year sleep recovery becomes important. Since using the T3 Recovery Mattress from Ironman my sleeps have been deeper and my morning aches and pains are gone. I was skeptical at first, but after sleeping on the mattress for a number of months I have no choice to believe that it has improved my sleep, performance, and most importantly my life. I will never use another mattress.Taylor Green - Major League Baseball Player
January 10, 2012

Since delivery of the Ironman T3-3 Queen mattress on December 9, 2011, we have found the mattress to be very comfortable and relaxing to sleep on. It has eased the pain and discomfort of the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in my left wrist, which has bothered me in overnight sleeping for quite some time. My wife tells me that I don’t toss and turn as much as I used to do and I do not snore as much and get a more restful sleep. Also, I don’t feel the nagging discomfort of the arthritis in my lower back as much when I awaken. We find the T3 Ironman Recovery Mattress to be. Cozy and “inviting” when I am ready to go to bed!Edward Y. & Charlene Y.
Before I found this bed, I was not able to stand one morning when I got out of bed. When I got my bed home the next morning I did not have pain in my back or anywhere else.

I love my Ironman.Dick.

3 years ago I struggled with 2 torn rotator cuffs, a broken ankle in 5 places, then a year ago I found out I have a compression fracture in my back at L1. I have not slept more than 2 hours at a time and always woke stiff and sore. Not a way to start a day. I bought my IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS from M&N Mattress Shop on Jan 7th 2015. The first night I could not believe the sleep I had. I have waited a month to see how if any real change would occur. Now over a month and not once have I woken up sore or stiff and I sleep 5 – 6 hours at a time before waking briefly and then going right back to sleep. They also set me up with “the pillow” with the same material. No more stiff neck either.

At the end of my day, I am sore, but I am now swimming twice a week and walking 2 – 4 KM every other day. I would not have been able to do this before I got my IRONMAN RECOVERY MATTRESS.

At night I lie down and my back is relaxed within 1/2 hour and off to sleep for another wonderful night instead of dreading going to bed.


THANK YOU M&N!!Sandra D. - Errington, B.C.
My daughter and myself both recently purchased these beds. Penny, who suffers from insomnia, claims that she doesn’t wake up in the night so much, and in general, falls asleep faster and stays asleep. I have Sciatica, which causes a lot of pain, especially at night. Recently I had to leave my bed and sleep in the spare room bed, which caused a lot of pain. As soon as I got into my Recovery Mattress, the difference was amazing. I like that the temperature seems to be adjusted and I am no longer too hot or cold. We were both satisfied, not only with the mattress, but with the delivery and setup. We have recommended the mattress to friends, chiropractors, and doctors.Shirley A. – Parksville & Penny A. – North Vancouver
We have recently had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with local business owner Mark Nagra who, with his wife Neelam and cousin, Sukh Khakh have provided some of the best customer service we have ever experienced. From their product knowledge, pricing and after market service, we couldn’t ask for more and to top it off, the Ironman T3.3 mattresses and Ergomotion beds we purchased couldn’t be a better choice. From the 1st night’s sleep, we were more sold than when we were first introduced to the bed at the M&N Mattress Shop’s booth at the Qualicum Home Show in October 2011. For friendly, knowledgeable service that doesn’t end when you finish payment – we would not hesitate to recommend M&N!David & Joanne Lavalley
My wife and I got the ironman mattress just over a year ago now, and we couldnt be happier with the difference in our sleep. This is definitely the most comfy mattress we’ve ever slept on and we both feel better after a nights sleep than we ever did before. We have noticed we do not get too hot or cold as we used to with our old mattress and dont wake up as much in the middle of the night ( except when our little boy wakes us). And to add on to how much we love the mattress , the customer service from Mark and Neelam has been amazing and their product knowledge is un-comparable.Cory C.
I am a senior and for a number of years have suffered from serious health problems including a trans-tibial amputation, ostioporosis and degenerative discs.

After I purchased my IRONMAN mattress, I noticed a reduction in my pain level and soreness. My mattress is very comfortable and has improved my sleep quality.

I found the in-store staff to be very knowledgable and pleasant and the delivery men extremely accommodation.

I highly recommend the IRONMAN mattress and the M&N Mattress Shop in Parksville.Gina G.

My wife and I got the Ironman mattress just over a year ago now, and we couldn’t be happier with the difference in our sleep. This is definitely the most comfy mattress we’ve ever slept on and we both feel better after a nights sleep than we ever did before. We have noticed we do not get too hot or cold as we used to with our old mattress and don’t wake up as much in the middle of the night (except when our little boys wakes us.) And to add on to how much we love the mattress, the customer service from Mark and Neelam has been amazing and their product knowledge is un-comparable.Cory Chapman

Athlete Testimonials

I’m always looking at ways to maximize my recovery. Recovery is often overlooked as an integral part of a training regime. Increased recovery leads to better performance in training and racing. From the reading that I’ve done and what I’ve heard and the thing that most impressed me is the Ironman Sleep Technology (Celliant and patented Cellitex) that they incorporated into their Recovery Mattress. All these things combined lead to the T3 Recovery mattress to be the cutting edge in recovery mattresses. Anything that promotes deeper sleep and better sleep, will obviously promote better recovery and lead to enhanced training and performance. Craig Alexander - Ironman World Champion

Having slept on this mattress now, I can certainly attest to the benefits, the deeper sleep, I’ve had better recovery. I’ve certainly woken up feeling refreshed everyday. I feel my training and performance has benefited from that. Craig Alexander - Ironman World Champion